Thursday, November 6, 2014

UEFL Awards: Noteworthy Umps: Carapazza, Hernandez

2014 UEFL Awards: Noteworthy Umps: Vic Carapazza, Angel Hernandez (19, 55) [2013: Wegner/Iassogna]
Voting Results (min. 10%): Carapazza (12%), Hernandez (12%), Alan Porter (11%), Chris Guccione (10%).

MLB Umpire Vic Carapazza
In his 4th MLB season, Vic Carapazza finished the year with seven ejections (5 regular season; 038: Mike Maddux099-100: Alex Rios & Michael Choice112: Kevin Seitzer160: David Ross + 2 postseason; P-1|2: Asdrubal Cabrera & Matt Williams). In Replay Reviews, Carapazza was 15-for-18 (.833 RAP), good enough for fifth-best in the league ahead of Mike Estabrook and behind Hunter Wendelstedt. Carapazza worked the 2014 All-Star Game and the 2014 National League Division Series (both his first). UEFL'ers praised Carapazza for moving well to secure angles and his patience in situation handling. Wrote one, "was somewhat skeptical about his preparedness for MLB, but he's turned out to be doing just fine."

Umpire Angel Hernandez
In his 22nd MLB season, Angel Hernandez concluded 2014 with three ejections (020: Matt Kemp058: Anthony Recker118: Jean Machi). In Replay Reviews, Hernandez was nine-for-20 (.450 RAP), or 58th place, ahead of CB Bucknor and behind Ted Barrett. In Award co-recepient Vic Carapazza's August ejection of David Ross, Hernandez joined Crew Chief Larry Vanover and took the lead by restraining Ross from following Carapazza, who was walking away. UEFL'ers also praised Hernandez for his actions during Ejections 058-060 in helping calm a bench clearing incident by removing instigator Yunel Escobar from the fighting situation. Hernandez was also involved in the June bench-clearing (Ejections 080-081) in Baltimore after Manny Machado threw his bat toward third base, where U3 Hernandez stopped the projectile with his foot. Hernandez received the UEFL's Noteworthy Umpire of the Year Award in 2012.

Vic Carapazza now has 36 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (33 Previous + 3 Award = 36).
Angel Hernandez now has 1 point in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (-2 Previous + 3 Award = 1).

The next postseason award, Ejection(s) of the Year, will be released tonight.


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