Friday, September 1, 2017

MLB Admits HR Replay Error in Giants Game

Major League Baseball admitted a Replay Official erred in overturning a home run via review in San Francisco on Thursday night. According to MLB's statement, Replay Review got the play wrong. In light of MLB's mea culpa, the UEFL Appeals Board is reviewing this play pursuant to UEFL Rule 4-7-c, which authorizes the Board to review any decision rendered by the Replay Official.

MLB agreed Replay's call was incorrect.
Last night, I discussed why Replay Review's outcome of "no home run" was incorrect and, today, MLB let the Giants know that it agrees: 1B Umpire Tom Woodring made the correct call when he ruled the play a home run on the field, and Replay Review improperly overturned that call to a double due to spectator interference.

For several reasons, not the least of which were AT&T Park's ground rules regarding the right field wall, the home run call should have been confirmed.

To briefly recap, AT&T Park Ground Rules state, "batted ball landing on green metal on top of right field wall: Home Run."

Had the fan not reached out to grab the ball, the ball would have landed on the green metal roof. The only question that should have been considered by the Replay Official, thus, was whether the hit was fair or foul. Because the Replay Official ruled the play dead on fan interference and awarded batter Brandon Crawford second base for a double, we know that NY saw the play as a fair ball.

Thus, the initial call was correct, and the reversal incorrect. Here is MLB's acknowledgement of the error:
Major League Baseball acknowledges Friday that the instant replay ruling in the bottom of the ninth inning of Thursday night's game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the host San Francisco Giants regarding a potential home run was incorrect. 
The call on a ball hit by Brandon Crawford of the Giants was overturned via Replay from a home run on the field to fan interference, with the batter-runner placed at second base. The call should have been confirmed as a home run for Crawford. MLB regrets this error. 
 Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Home run review results in a reversed ruling and double (STL)


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