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UEFL's MLB Umpire Sabermetrics - August 2017

UEFL's MLB Umpire Sabermetrics report for July 2017 features 155 ejections and 1,125 Replay Reviews through 1,999 regular season games played.

Though replays are projected to decrease year-over-year, based on current rates, ejections are now projected to enjoy a modest increase.

The attached Most & Least Accurate Umpires, Replay Review contains the top and bottom of the Replay Review table ordinarily found in the "Read More" detailed section of the monthly report.

Related: Visit our Replay Review Statistics and Sabermetrics page for daily-updated umpire stats. New for 2017, this page includes Replay Review Rankings sorted by umpire, by team, and by call type. Daily ejections information is available at our Ejection List.

Summary, Ejections.
>> 155 Total Regular Season Ejections through August 31, 2017 (on pace for 188 ejections this season).
>> Umpires were 65.9% accurate on calls associated with ejection.
>> The Chicago White Sox led MLB in ejections. The Dodgers led the National League.
>> Manager Rick Renteria led MLB in ejections. Don Mattingly led the NL in managerial ejections.
>> Umpire Carlos Torres led all umpires in ejections.
>> Chief Dana DeMuth's crew led all umpire crews in ejections.
>> Most ejections occurred in the 5th inning; Ejections from 7th and on comprised 46% of all tosses.
>> Most ejections occurred on Saturdays. Weekend series (Fri-Sun) featured 47% of all heave-ho's.
>> The most common reason for ejection was Balls/Strikes, followed by Check Swing.
>> All else equal, a team tied at the time of ejection ended up winning the game 93.1% of the time.

Summary, Replay Reviews.
>> 1125 Total Replay Reviews, of which calls were affirmed 50.9% of the time (49.1% overturned).
>> The Tampa Bay Rays used replay more than any other team, but were fairly unsuccessful.
>> The Kansas City Royals were the League's most successful team in review (22-for-30).
>> The BAL Orioles experienced fewer reviews than any other team, and were 2nd best in MLB.
>> The Blue Jays were the worst MLB team in terms of Replay success (14-of-46).
>> Umpire Jim Reynolds had a league-leading 23 calls reviewed, and was above average in outcome.
>> Jerry Layne's crew led all of baseball in replay activity, and performed at league average.
>> Umpire Sean Barber led in accuracy with all of his calls affirmed by replay (3/3).
>> Umpire John Libka experienced the highest rate of his calls being overturned by replay (0/5).
>> The 7th inning had more reviews than any other inning. 42% of all reviews occurred from 7th-on.
>> Most reviews occurred on Sundays; Weekend series (Fri-Sun) featured 50% of all replays.
>> The most common reason for review was Out/Safe (Force - 1st) followed by Out/Safe (Tag - In).

Most & Least Accurate Umpires, Replay Review (sorted by Review Affirmation Percentage [RAP]).
1. Sean Barber, Dale Scott - 100% RAP.
3. Chad Fairchild - 90.0% RAP.
4. Ryan Blakney, Pat Hoberg - 85.7% RAP.
6. Marty Foster - 77.8% RAP.
7. Vic Carapazza - 76.9% RAP.
8. Chris Segal, Alfonso Marquez - 75.0% RAP.
10. Joe West - 70.6% RAP.
82. Gerry Davis, Ron Kulpa - 30.0% RAP.
84. Manny Gonzalez - 28.6% RAP.
85. Tony Randazzo, Toby Basner, Mike DiMuro - 25.0% RAP.
88. Dan Iassogna - 22.2% RAP.
89. Lance Barrett - 16.7% RAP.
90. Kerwin Danley - 14.3% RAP.
91. Brian O'Nora - 12.5% RAP.
92. John Libka - 0.0% RAP.

For detailed sabermetric analysis of MLB umpire ejections and instant replay review outcomes, including a Replay Review umpire leaderboard, follow the "read more" link below.
Total Games Played Through May 31, 2017: 1,999 of 2430 (82.3% of the season has been played).

Umpire Ejection Sabermetrics
Ejections: 155. (Compare to 147 through August 2016). Pace is 188 ejections / 2430 games played.
"Team most active" (Team with most Ejections): CWS 12; NYY 11; DET 10; TOR 9; TEX 8; KC, LAD 7.
"Team least active" (Team with least Ejections): CLE 0; BAL 1; NYM, PHI 2; CHC, LAA, MIN, SD 3.
"Manager ejections leader" (Most Ejections): Rick Renteria 6; Gibbons, Girardi, Ausmus, Banister 5.
"Player ejections leader": Bryce Harper, Miguel Sano 2.
"Umpire leader" (Most Ejections): Carlos Torres 10; Welke, Tumpane, Holbrook, Cuzzi 6.
"Crew most active" (Crew with most Ejections): DeMuth 17; Holbrook 15; Hallion 13; Everitt 10.
"Most accurate umpire" (Umpire with greatest QOC): Emmel, Little (4 Y / 0 N + 1 U = 1.000 QOCY).
"Overall QOC percentage" (Overall QOC Y value): .659 (81 Y / 42 N) + 32 Irrecusable = 155 Total.
"Team Status Pre-Ejection" (Winning-Losing-Tied [W-L-T] Record prior to Ejection): 33-93-29.
"Team Status Post-Ejection" (Game Record [W-L]): 60-95. (Delta: 27-2; WPCT: .931).

By Inning: 5 (25); 7, 9 (24); 6 (23); 8 (21); 1 (12); 3, 4 (8); 2 (7); Extras (3).
By Reason: Balls/Strikes (78); Check Swing (14); Throwing At (12); Replay Review (9); Fighting (8).
By Day of Week: Sat, Thurs (29); Sun (26); Wed (23); Fri (18); Mon (16); Tues (14).

Umpire Instant Replay Review Sabermetrics
Replay Reviews & Decisions Rendered: 1125, .509 RAP (573/1125). On pace for 1368 replays.
"Team Most Used" (Used Replay Review most often): TB 62; TEX 58; PIT 50; CHC 49; ATL 48; TOR 46.
"Team Least Used" (Least use of Replay): BAL 25; PHI 27; SF, MIA 29; KC, CWS, WAS 30.
"Most successful team in review" (Team with highest TSP): KC Royals - .733 (22/30).
"Least successful team in review" (Team with lowest TSP): TOR Blue Jays - .304 (14/46).
"Umpire most questioned" (Most Replay Reviews): Jim Reynolds 23; Vanover, Whitson 21; Eddings 20.
"Crew most questioned" (Most Reviewed Crew): Jerry Layne 63; Nelson 62; Winters 59; Cederstrom, Hallion 58.
"Most accurate umpire" (Umpire with greatest RAP): Sean Barber - 1.000 (3 Y in 3 Total).
"Ump of greatest overturn" (Umpire with lowest RAP): John Libka - .000 (0 Y in 5 Total).

Actual data (Raw Data for Replay Reviews):
- By Inning: 8 (160); 7 (158); 9 (129); 5 (123); 6 (114); 4 (113); 3 (112); 1 (100); 2 (88); Extras (28).
- By Reason: Out/Safe [Force - 1st] 296; Out/Safe [Tag - Into Base] 196; Out/Safe [Tag - Stolen Base] 130; Out/Safe [Pulled Foot] 79; Out/Safe [Tag - Pickoff] 59; HR/In Play 53; HBP/No HBP 50.
- By Day of Week: Sun (215); Sat (177); Fri (172); Tues (163); Wed, Thurs (143); Mon (112).

Umpire Replay Review Leaderboard, as of August 31 (visit the Replay Stats page for an updated table)
Umpire Accuracy in Replay Reviews (Ranked by Review Affirmation Percentage [RAP])

Rank#Umpire NameUpheldOverturnedTotalRAP
15Scott, Dale* [DL]2021.000
129Barber, Sean3031.000
34Fairchild, Chad9110.900
431Hoberg, Pat617.857
436Blakney, Ryan617.857
660Foster, Marty729.778
719Carapazza, Vic10313.769
872Marquez, Alfonso12416.750
896Segal, Chris628.750
1022West, Joe12517.706
1171Baker, Jordan7310.700
1268Guccione, Chris9413.692
1310Cuzzi, Phil11516.688
1374Tumpane, John11516.688
1521Wendelstedt, Hunter426.667
1526Miller, Bill8412.667
1541Meals, Jerry8412.667
1548Mahrley, Nick213.667
1578Hamari, Adam10515.667
1593Little, Will12618.667
2177Reynolds, Jim15823.652
2286Rackley, Dave9514.643
2365Barrett, Ted7411.636
2373Gibson, Tripp7411.636
256Carlson, Mark10616.625
2581Wolcott, Quinn10616.625
2714Wegner, Mark8513.615
2853Gibson, Greg11718.611
2943Livensparger, Shane325.600
2963Diaz, Laz6410.600
2988Eddings, Doug12820.600
3254Bucknor, CB7512.583
3339Nauert, Paul8614.571
3391Knight, Brian437.571
3556Cooper, Eric9716.563
369Gorman, Brian549.556
3728Wolf, Jim6511.545
3738Cederstrom, Gary6511.545
3749Fletcher, Andy6511.545
3757Everitt, Mike6511.545
4123Barksdale, Lance8715.533
4247Morales, Gabe9817.529
4264Porter, Alan9817.529
4276Muchlinski, Mike9817.529
451Dreckman, Bruce7714.500
458Kellogg, Jeff448.500
4525Culbreth, Fieldin8816.500
4550Emmel, Paul7714.500
4587Barry, Scott336.500
4589Blaser, Cory7714.500
5124Layne, Jerry91019.474
5283Estabrook, Mike7815.467
5297May, Ben7815.467
5413Tichenor, Todd5611.455
5430Drake, Rob5611.455
5437Torres, Carlos5611.455
5732DeMuth, Dana459.444
5785Scheurwater, Stu81018.444
5790Ripperger, Mark81018.444
6051Hudson, Marvin7916.438
6095Timmons, Tim7916.438
6245Nelson, Jeff6814.429
6255Hernandez, Angel6814.429
6280Johnson, Adrian347.429
652Bellino, Dan5712.417
6634Holbrook, Sam71017.412
673Welke, Bill6915.400
6720Hallion, Tom4610.400
6740Ortiz, Roberto235.400
7082Fagan, Clint71118.389
7098Conroy, Chris71118.389
7227Vanover, Larry81321.381
7262Whitson, Chad81321.381
7418De Jesus, Ramon358.375
7459Lentz, Nic358.375
7670Reyburn, DJ5914.357
7692Hoye, James5914.357
7815Hickox, Ed369.333
7833Winters, Mike4812.333
7867Additon, Ryan369.333
7875Woodring, Tom51015.333
8212Davis, Gerry3710.300
8246Kulpa, Ron3710.300
8479Gonzalez, Manny41014.286
8511Randazzo, Tony3912.250
8516DiMuro, Mike134.250
8599Basner, Toby134.250
8858Iassogna, Dan279.222
8994Barrett, Lance21012.167
9044Danley, Kerwin [DL]167.143
917O'Nora, Brian178.125
9284Libka, John055.000


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