Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Plate Meeting Podcast Episode 1 - Bob Davidson

Welcome to The Plate Meeting, a LF Umpire Podcast from Close Call Sports, where we talk umpiring with umpires. In this inaugural episode, hosts Tmac and Gil are joined by 30-year major league and World Series umpire Bob Davidson, who retired from MLB in 2016 and talks about his journey through professional baseball and rise to the majors—both times—relives some notable ejections and other stories from his decades of service in pro ball, and answers your questions.

Click the below "play" button to hear Episode 1 - Starting the Game with Bob Davidson, or visit the show online at https://anchor.fm/the-plate-meeting. In the future, The Plate Meeting will be available through additional Podcast sources, such as the iTunes store—we'll let you know how to access that when it becomes available.

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Related Video #2 (34:11): Clint Hurdle simultaneously ejected by Jerry Layne and Bob Davidson.
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Related Video #3 (38:00): Dodgers forfeit to Cardinals in August 1995 on baseball giveaway night.

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Related Video #5 (50:08): Bautista's illegal slide spurs fight with Odor, benches clear in Texas.
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Related Video #6 (52:48): Davidson & Charlie Manuel go nose-to-nose over catcher-blocking play.
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Related Video #7 (55:44): After Long's ejection, Girardi is tossed & crew-mates run in with support.
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Related Video (1:11:24): Davidson ejects Montreal mascot Youppi from atop Dodgers' dugout.
Related Box Score: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Montreal Expos, 8/23/89 (22 innings, 6-hour game).


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