Thursday, March 14, 2019

MLB Rule Changes Announced for 2019, 2020

MLB and the Players Association announced rule changes for the 2019 and 2020 seasons, including a mound visit limit reduction, new All-Star Game and trade deadline procedures, expansion of the active roster, and a minimum number of batters for pitchers.

Commissioner Rob Manfred brought change.
The full list of changes for the 2019 season is as follows:
> Inning breaks are reduced to 2-minutes flat in length.
> Mound visits are limited to five (down from six).
> Trade waivers eliminated; only one deadline: July 31.
> All-Star Game voting changes are TBD.
> > ASG will use the runner-on-2B extra inning tiebreaker.
> Home Run Derby winner will receive $1 million.

The full list of changes for the 2020 season is as follows:
> Active rosters increased from 25 to 26 players.
> 40-man active roster limit in September is eliminated.
>> 28 players shall be carried on the Sept active roster.
> An MLB-MLBPA joint committee will determine the maximum number of pitchers that may appear on an active roster. Only these players will be eligible to pitch unless the game goes into extra innings and/or the score differential is six runs or more.
> A pitcher's minimum time on the injured list shall increase from 10 to 15 days.
> MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred's Office will change OBR 5.10(g) to require that all pitchers must pitch to a minimum of three batters or until the end of a half-inning, whichever comes first.


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