Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Angels Drill Marisnick, Benches Clear

A Heads Up alert was issued as Los Angeles hit Astros batter Jake Marisnick between the shoulders during Tuesday night's game, just a week after Marisnick injured Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy in Houston during an illegal slide in violation of Home Plate Collision Rule 6.01(i). This has the makings of a bench-clearing brawl at some point in the future, no?

Lucroy was carted off the field following the July 7 collision and is slated for surgery to repair a broken nose along with observation of concussion-like symptoms. MLB, for its part, suspended Marisnick two games for the injurious slide, which was very much illegal.
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Marisnick injures Lucroy a week prior.
This makes Tuesday's HBP in the top of the 6th inning at Angel Stadium seem all the more intentional and retaliatory, and HP Umpire Stu Scheurwater apparently agreed enough to issue warnings to both teams as a result (Mets Manager Terry Collins probably would have wanted Stu in the infamous Syndergaard-Utley game in New York).

Marisnick took his lumps and jogged to first base and baseball nearly returned to business as usual until the Astros dugout's barking drew a reaction from Angels first baseman Albert Pujols, briefly clearing the benches (more-so the bullpens than the dugouts, really), as 1B Umpire and Crew Chief Mark Wegner (who has the plate for Wednesday's game) returned Pujols to his position as Marisnick told his own team to calm down.

Gil's Call: Yes, the slide was illegal, but I maintain it wasn't an intent to injure. What confirms my gut feeling is Marisnick's reaction to being hit by Noe Ramirez on Tuesday—Marisnick took his base without any fanfare—and his reaction to the impending bench-clearer—he motioned to his own team to knock it off. In a sense, he accepted his on-field punishment and wanted to keep playing afterward without objection. That's the reaction you'd like to see.

HP Umpire Scheurwater warns both teams.
In any case, despite video evidence clearly indicating that Scheurwater warned both teams, Astros Manager AJ Hinch nonetheless said in postgame comments, "They got a free shot at him with no warning, with no ejection. We'll see if there's discipline."

Not to be outdone, Angels Manager Brad Ausmus and pitcher Ramirez denied intent as well (likely in large part due to admitting fault = a larger suspension).

Video as follows:

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