Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Injury Scout - O'Nora Hit by Backswing

After HP Umpire Brian O'Nora exited Tuesday's Mariners-Athletics game in Oakland following a backswing to the head, Seattle pitcher Marco Gonzales criticized the injured ump, calling it "unacceptable" that he remained in the ballgame based on the premise that he erred on a ball/strike call.

With two out and none on in the top of the 3rd inning, Mariners batter Domingo Santana fouled a 2-1 91-mph fastball from A's pitcher Daniel Mengden with Santana's bat striking the side of O'Nora's traditional-style facemask and traditional-style plate hat (e.g., not an Estabrook/Tumpane-style helmet) on the backswing.

O'Nora remained in the contest through the 5th inning, upon which time 2B Umpire James Hoye took over behind home plate with 1B Umpire Mark Ripperger and 3B Umpire Jeremie Rehak on the lines. O'Nora is the Jeff Kellogg crew's usual backup Crew Chief, meaning that on his absence, Umpire #3 Hoye assumed acting Crew Chief duties.

Relevant Injury History: There is a history of head trauma for Brian O'Nora.
> On September 7, 2018, O'Nora left a Boston game following a foul ball to the head.
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> On September 18, 2016, O'Nora left a game in San Francisco due to a foul ball injury.
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Player Criticizes Injured Umpire: After losing to the Athletics 9-2, Mariners starting pitcher Marco Gonzales (6.0 IP, 6 ER, 2 HR, L) criticized O'Nora for remaining on the field in the aftermath of the traumatic event: "If you can't stay in the game to make calls, if you can't do that then you shouldn't be in the game...As far as I know I think he has blurry vision, concussion, and he had it for over an inning, and he knew he wasn't feeling good. So to me it's unacceptable."

Last Game: July 16 | Return to Play: July 18 | Time Absent: 1 Day | Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Santana's backswing strikes O'Nora in the side of his head (OAK)


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