Friday, July 26, 2019

Torre Doesn't Want Robot Umpires in MLB

MLB Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre weighed in on the electronic balls/strikes debate, concluding that he would prefer the traditional umpire concept on the field: "I'd like the game to stay human...I don’t see the robotic strike zone happening."

Torre joined FOX Sports Radio's The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the Atlantic League's experiment with its Automated Ball-Strike System (ABS), which the ALPB would prefer is not used in the same breath as its vendor, TrackMan, which in turn conjures images of the dying days of SportVision's Pitch f/x, when MLB purportedly took the technology in-house to create the StatCast pitch tracking component known as PitchCast, and which SMT SportVision and MLBAM are litigating in court, with plaintiff SMT alleging that defendant MLB Advanced Media stole PITCHf/x and infringed upon SMT's patent and copyright for Pitch f/x.
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Torre explained of the Atlantic League experiment, "we test a lot of stuff...I'd like the game to stay human. Since we put replay in, I think everybody expects to get everything perfect, and I don't think that game is that way. I think our game, to me, is an imperfect game."

The long-time Major League Manager and league executive continued, "I'd hate to see us try to be too perfect because there's not a player out there that's perfect."

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Torre doesn't want robot umpires in Major League Baseball (DPS)


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