Sunday, August 2, 2020

Down But Not Out - Jim Wolf Sticks with Play & Makes Safe Call After Being Knocked to Ground (Injury Scout)

3B Umpire Jim Wolf was knocked over during a rundown in San Francisco Saturday, but stuck with the play to make a safe call from the ground as the Texas Rangers opened up scoring vs the Giants at Oracle Park, reportedly suffering a concussion discovered after the game.

Eye on the ball is a common refrain for umpires embodied in Official Baseball Rule 8.00 [General Instructions to Umpires]—"Keep your eye everlastingly on the ball while it is in play"—and Wolf proved his dedication to that directive in the top of the 1st inning when Rangers baserunner Elvis Andrus dove back into third base.

With two out and runners at the corners, Giants pitcher Drew Smyly attempted to pick off Texas' trailing baserunner R1 Joey Gallo at first base, throwing to first baseman Brandon Belt, who chased Gallo toward second base before throwing to second baseman Donovan Solano, at which time Rangers baserunner R3 Andrus started toward home plate.

Wolf focuses on the play at third.
Solano then threw to third baseman Evan Longoria to trap Andrus in a rundown, and threw to catcher Tyler Heineman, who ran Andrus back to third base before throwing to Solano, who attempted to tag Andrus as he slid into third base.

Wolf, intently focused on the play at the bag, didn't have a chance to see—much less avoid—Heineman, who crashed directly into Wolf, knocking the veteran umpire to the ground as both clubs gestured for a ruling.

Now on the ground, Wolf, from his back, spread his arms and said "safe" (the correct call) before retrieving his hat and glasses as he stood up and returned to his position on the left field foul line, smiling as crew chief Jim Reynolds journeyed over from second base to check on him. The Rangers scored two runs on the very next pitch.

Wolf reportedly suffered a concussion as a result of the incident.

Injury Scout Information
Relevant Injury History: Wolf had head injuries on 5/31/19, 9/11/15, and 6/9/14.

Last Game: Aug 1 | Return to Play: 2021 | Time Absent: Rest of Season | Video as follows:

Alternate Link: U3 Jim Wolf keeps focus and makes call after rough collision (SF)


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