Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Carlson in Charge - Play at the Plate Teachable

In this Teachable, tmac looks at HP Umpire Mark Carlson officiating a play at the plate in Anaheim when Mariners pitcher Will Vest dives to tag Angels baserunner Juan Lagares to thwart a wild pitch during Seattle's game vs LA.

On this pitch in the dirt, the umpire observes Mariners catcher Tom Murphy's reaction and where Murphy moves as the ball rolls away from the plate.

With Murphy remaining in front of (and to the right of...notably not behind) the umpire, Carlson can next concentrate on what fielder will likely make a play on the runner at home.

In this case, pitcher Vest looks to be in position to field Murphy's throw and tag Lagares' body as the runner slides head-first into the plate. Carlson then adjusts his position to work the play in front of him by moving to his right, and in doing so opens up his angle to observe Vest's tag, which is timely, a call upheld via Replay Review.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Carlson moves toward keyhole view on play at the plate to end LAA's threat (CCS)


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