Thursday, June 10, 2021

MLB Ejection 072 - Sean Barber (Dusty Baker) & Infield Fly

HP Umpire Sean Barber ejected Astros manager Dusty Baker (fair ball call; QOCY) an inning after 2B Umpire John Tumpane ruled Red Sox batter Rafael Devers out on the infield fly rule during Thursday's #Astros-#RedSox game. In the bottom of the 6th inning, with one out and two on (R1, R2), Red Sox batter Devers hit a fly ball to Astros shortstop Carlos Correa, resulting in an infield fly declaration by 2B Umpire Tumpane that put Devers out before Correa dropped the ball. As we've discussed many, many times, umpires consider several criteria regarding an infield fly.*

1) First and second base were occupied with less than two outs (one out, R1, R2).
2) The batter hit a fair fly ball which was not a line drive nor a bunt.
3) It could be caught by infielder Correa with ordinary effort. This was established as Correa positioned himself in the outfield facing the infield, or, colloquially, was "camped."

As for the ejection, in the top of the 7th inning, with one out and one on (R1), Astros batter Yuli Gurriel hit a 1-2 sinker from Red Sox pitcher Adam Ottavino in front of home plate, ruled fair by HP Umpire Barber upon the baseball being initially touched in fair territory by Red Sox catcher Christian Vasquez, and resulting in a double play as Astros baserunner Yordan Alvarez was tagged out while off his base by Red Sox second baseman Christian Arroyo. Replays indicate Gurriel's batted ball was retrieved by Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez in fair territory and that the batted ball did not touch Gurriel's person, the call was correct. At the time of the ejection, the Red Sox were leading, 12-8. The Red Sox ultimately won the contest, 12-8.

This is Sean Barber (29)'s 2nd ejection of 2021.
Sean Barber now has 4 points in the UEFL Standings (0 Previous + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call = 4).
Crew Chief Brian Gorman now has 3 points in Crew Division (2 Prev + 1 Correct Call = 3).
*"An INFIELD FLY is a fair fly ball (not including a line drive nor an attempted bunt) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, when first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied, before two are out...On the infield fly rule the umpire is to rule whether the ball could ordinarily have been handled by an infielder-not by some arbitrary limitation such as the grass, or the base lines."

This is the 72nd ejection report of the 2021 MLB regular season.
This is the 37th manager ejection of 2021.
This is Houston's 1st ejection of 2021, T-4th in the AL West (OAK 3; LAA, TEX 2; HOU, SEA 1).
This is Dusty Baker's 1st ejection since August 9, 2020 (Nick Mahrley; QOC = Y [Balls/Strikes]).
This is Sean Barber's 2nd ejection of 2021, 1st since April 26 (Bob Melvin; QOC = N [Replay Review]).

Wrap: Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox, 6/10/21 | Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Wild night at Fenway Park sees dropped infield fly, double play ejection (BOS/CCS)


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