Monday, May 2, 2022

Call of the Month - April 2022

For April 2022's Call of the Month, tmac visits the SEC to follow 2B Umpire Brian deBrauwere as an Ole Miss baserunner attempts to tag up and advance to second base on a caught fly ball to right-center field vs South Carolina.

Regardless of ruleset, the general principles of foundational umpiring—hustling with a purpose to attain an angle with which to see the play—still apply and this video analysis emphasizes the umpire's game and situational awareness by observing the Ole Miss runner going back to tag at first base on a fly ball to the outfield, and then anticipating and reacting to the expected play at second base, moving into a position that affords the best look at the keyhole or action area in which the fielder will attempt to tag the runner and the runner will attempt to slide into the base.


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