Monday, June 27, 2016

Mike Everitt Witness to Atlanta Police Pursuit & Shootout

Mike Everitt was involved in the end of a police pursuit and shootout in Atlanta on his way to the ballpark Saturday afternoon, according to the New York Mets' broadcast during Sunday's game.

According to the broadcast, Everitt, while driving to Turner Field, was struck by a purportedly stolen car that hit at least four additional vehicles before coming to a stop in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Atlanta. Broadcasters Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez reported that after the crash, Everitt laid on the floor of his car as the police as gunfire erupted outside.
Cohen: Mike was driving to the ballpark yesterday, about 5:15, and his car got rammed by another car, and the car that rammed him turned out to have a guy that the police were chasing...This guy who rammed his car apparently got into a shootout with police while Mike was ducking on the floorboards of his car to try and keep himself safe. I can only image how traumatic the experience was, eventually they got the guy. Mike never made it to the ballpark last night, he was tied up with the police investigation most of the evening.
Hernandez: And they said it was multiple shots, kind of like a Bonnie & Clyde shootout. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Cohen: Fortunately Mike is okay, obviously a very trying experience, but back in his post today. Glad to have him.
An additional report from local news outlet WXIA indicates that a total of four suspects were involved in police pursuits of two vehicles, with one leading to an officer-involved shooting when the suspects engaged officers in gunfire late Saturday afternoon.  A preliminary Georgia Bureau of Investigation report states that four officers fired on the stolen vehicle, which initially fled down the exit ramp of I-75 onto University Avenue, before wrecking at the intersection of University and Metropolitan Parkway.

Police transported two suspects to Grady Memorial Hospital and arrested two additional juveniles in connection with the other vehicle pursuit.

Everitt missed Saturday's game, but returned to umpire the plate for Sunday's matinee.


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