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UEFL's MLB Umpire Sabermetrics Update - June 2016

MLB Umpire Sabermetrics are now available for all games played through the end of June, featuring 93 ejections and 730 Replay Reviews through 1,138 games played.

We are hovering near the 200-mark for ejections this season, and at 1,559 for Replay Reviews. June brought with it an increase in ejections for arguing the result of a Replay Review decision, which had taken a back seat to Fighting thus far in 2016. On a related note, the Blue Jays continued to lead baseball in ejections, but ranked dead last in Replay Review success.

Summary, Ejections.
>> 93 Total Regular Season Ejections through June 30, 2016 (on pace for 199 ejections this season).
>> Umpires were 67.1% accurate on calls associated with ejection.
>> The Blue Jays were ejected more often than any other team (a trend which continues in July).
>> Manager John Gibbons of the Toronto Blue Jays led all managers in ejections.
>> Players Yunel Escobar of the LA Angels and Josh Donaldson of the Jays led all players in ejections.
>> Umpire Dale Scott led all umpires in ejections.
>> Chief Dale Scott's crew led all umpire crews in ejections.
>> Most ejections occurred in the 8th inning; Ejections from 7th and on comprised 48% of all tosses.
>> Most ejections occurred on Sundays. Weekend series (Fri-Sun) featured 52% of all heave-ho's.
>> The most common reason for ejection was Balls/Strikes, followed by Throwing At.

Summary, Replay Reviews.
>> 730 Total Replay Reviews, of which calls were affirmed 52% of the time (48% overturned).
>> The Boston Red Sox used replay more than any other team, but were fairly inaccurate.
>> The Indians/Giants were the League's most successful teams in review.
>> The Oakland Athletics experienced fewer reviews than any other team.
>> Umpires Gerry Davis and Chris Conroy had 15 calls reviewed each, more than any other umpire.
>> Jeff Nelson's crew led all of baseball in replay activity by a significant margin.
>> Umpire David Rackley led the league in accuracy with all of his calls affirmed by replay.
>> Umpire Fieldin Culbreth experienced the highest rate of his calls being overturned by replay.
>> Most reviews occurred in the 7th inning. Reviews from 7th and on comprised 43% of all reviews.
>> Most reviews occurred on Sundays; Calls were most often overturned in daytime conditions.
>> The most common reason for review was Out/Safe, followed by Pulled Foot and HBP/No HBP.

For detailed sabermetric analysis of MLB umpire ejections and instant replay review outcomes, follow the "read more" link below.
Total Games Played Through June 30, 2016: 1138 of 2430 (46.9% of the season schedule).

Umpire Ejection Sabermetrics
Ejections: 93. At this pace (93 E / 1138 G), there will be 199 Ejections at regular season's end.
"Team most active" (Team with most Ejections): TOR 11; PIT 9; CWS 6; ATL, CIN 5.
"Team least active" (Team with least Ejections): CLE, NYY, SEA, STL 1; ARI, BAL, CHC, COL 2.
"Manager ejections leader" (Most Ejections): John Gibbons 5; Robin Ventura, Clint Hurdle 3.
"Player ejections leader" (Player ejection leader): Yunel Escobar, Josh Donaldson 2.
"Umpire leader" (Umpire with most Ejections): Dale Scott 6; Jeff Kellogg 4; (4 Tied) 3.
"Crew most active" (Crew Chief whose crew has most Ejections): Scott 13; Hallion, Kellogg, Miller 6.
"Most accurate umpire" (Umpire with greatest QOC): (14 Tied) - QOCY 1.000 (2/2).
"Overall QOC percentage" (Overall QOC Y value): .671 (49 Y / 24 N) + 20 Irrecusable = 93 Total.
"Team Status Pre-Ejection" (Winning-Losing-Tied [W-L-T] Record prior to Ejection): 20-58-15.
"Team Status Post-Ejection" (Game Record [W-L]): 33-60. (Delta: 13-2; WPCT: .867).

By Inning: 8 (18), 5 (13), 3/6//7/9 (12), 4 (9), Extras (3), 1/2 (1).
By Reason: Balls/Strikes (50), Throwing At (11), Check Swing (7), Replay Review (6), Fighting (5).
By Day of Week: Sunday (20), Wed/Sat (15), Tuesday (14), Friday (13), Monday (10), Thurs (6).

Umpire Instant Replay Review Sabermetrics
Replay Reviews & Decisions Rendered: 730, .516 RAP (377/730). On pace for 1559 Replays.
"Team Most Used" (Made use of Replay Review most often): BOS 34; STL 33; SD, TOR, WAS 32.
"Team Least Used" (Least use of Replay): OAK 14; MIN, NYY 15; NYM, SEA 17; CWS 18.
"Most successful team in review" (Team with highest TSP): Indians/Giants - .592 (16/27).
"Least successful team in review" (Team with lowest TSP): Blue Jays/Nationals - .344 (11/32).
"Umpire most questioned" (Most Replay Reviews): Gerry Davis, Chris Conroy 15.
"Crew most questioned" (Crew Chief whose crew has most Reviews): Nelson 51; Everitt 42.
"Most accurate umpire" (Umpire with greatest RAP): David Rackley - 1.000 in 8/8
"Ump of greatest overturn" (Umpire with lowest RAP): Fieldin Culbreth - .000 in 0/5.

Actual data (Raw Data for Replay Reviews):
- By Inning: 7 (106), 8 (104), 6 (80), 9 (79), 5 (74), 3 (71), 1/4 (69), 2 (51), Extras (27).
- By Reason: Out/Safe (488), Out/Pulled Foot (46), HBP/No HBP (24), HR/In Play (19).
- By Day of Week: Sun (129), Tues (121), Sat (114), Wed (109), Fri (96), Mon (94), Thurs (67).


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