Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 No-Hitter 3, James Hoye (1; James Paxton)

HP Umpire James Hoye called Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton's no-hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays, the third of 2018. Hoye was joined for Tuesday's game at Rogers Centre by 1B Quinn Wolcott, 2B Umpire Jeff Kellogg (crew chief), and 3B Umpire Marvin Hudson.

Interesting note: Toronto Manager John Gibbons did not select a single exclusively left-handed hitter for Tuesday's 5-0 loss to Seattle. Because Paxton is a left-handed pitcher, the few switch-hitting batters in Toronto's order batted right-handed; as Toronto made zero offensive substitutions over the course of the game, this means Paxton accomplished the rare feat of throwing a no-hitter without having faced a single left-handed batter.

This is Hoye's first career MLB no-hitter, and the third in as many weeks. Earlier this season, Hunter Wendelstedt called Sean Manaea's no-hitter in Oakland and John Tumpane called a combined no-hitter in Mexico. This also means the first three no-hitters of 2018 have transpired in three different countries (United States of America, Mexico, Canada).
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Hoye received 49 callable pitches from Paxton, a total of 35 balls and 14 called strikes. The look:

Balls: 32 called balls outside of strike zone / 3 called balls within strike zone = 32/35 = 91.4% Accuracy.
Strikes: 14 called strikes inside strike zone / 0 called strikes outside strike zone = 14/14 = 100.0% Accuracy.
Total Raw Accuracy Score for Paxton = 46/49 = 93.8% Accuracy (+3 TOR [Favored Toronto]).
Overall Game Score: 89/93 Balls + 34/37 Strikes = 123/130 = 94.6%. +5 TOR. Plots via "Read More"
StatCast (Pitch f/x) plot courtesy Brooks Baseball.
Important note: this plot is a graphical approximation of the strike zone and is not the basis for analysis.


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