Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 No-Hitter 1, Hunter Wendelstedt (1; Sean Manaea)

HP Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt called Oakland Athletics pitcher Sean Manaea's no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox, the first of 2018. Wendelstedt was joined for Saturday's game at the Oakland Coliseum by 1B Umpire Adrian Johnson, 2B Umpire Tripp Gibson, and 3B Umpire Brian Gorman (crew chief). This is Wendelstedt's first career MLB no-hitter.

His father, Harry Wendelstedt, called five no-hitters: George Culver on July 29, 1968; Gaylord Perry on September 17, 1968; Bob Gibson on August 14, 1971; Bob Forsch on September 26, 1983; and a combined no-no by Kent Mercker, Mark Wohlers, and Alejandro Pena on September 11, 1991. Harry's five no-hitters are the second-most amongst all-time major league umpires, tied with Bill Dinneen (AL, 1909-37) and Hall of Famer Bill Klem (NL, 1905-41). Frank "Silk" O'Loughlin (1902-18) had seven.

Wendelstedt received 52 callable pitches from Manaea, a total of 33 balls and 19 called strikes. The look:

Balls: 32 called balls outside of strike zone / 1 called ball within strike zone = 32/33 = 97.0% Accuracy.
Strikes: 18 called strikes inside strike zone / 1 called strikes outside strike zone = 18/19 = >94.7% Accuracy.
Total Raw Accuracy Score for Manaea = 50/52 = 96.2% Accuracy (+0 [Neutral Skew]).
Overall Game Score: 78/80 Balls + 37/41 Strikes = 115/121 = 95.0%. +2 BOS. Plots via "Read More"

StatCast (Pitch f/x) plot courtesy Brooks Baseball.
Note: This plot is a graphical approximation of the strike zone and is not the basis for analysis.


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