Friday, April 12, 2019

Injury Scout - Brian Knight Leaves After Foul to Mask

HP Umpire Brian Knight left five pitches into the bottom of the 1st inning of Friday evening's Brewers-Dodgers game after a foul ball off the mask staggered the plate umpire.

With none out and none on, Dodgers lead-off batter Joc Pederson fouled a 93.3-mph 2-2 fastball from Brewers pitcher Corbin Burnes into Knight's traditional-style facemask.

Dodgers public address announcer Todd Leitz described Knight's departure thusly: "HP Umpire Brian Knight will be leaving the game and assessed per concussion protocol. 2B Umpire Pat Hoberg will take over behind the plate when play resumes."

1B Umpire Jeremie Rehak and 3B Umpire Gerry Davis remained as the two field umpires.

Relevant Injury History: Knight has a history of head injuries as a home plate umpire.
Knight last left a game due to head injury during a 2018 Cleveland-LA Spring Training matchup.
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On September 9, 2016, Knight left a Dodgers-Marlins game due to a ricocheted HBP to the mask.
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On April 18, 2015, Knight was struck in the mask by a fastball during a Phillies-Nationals game.
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Last Game: April 12 | Return to Play: April 23 | Time Absent: 11 Days | Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Knight leaves game in Los Angeles after harsh foul ball off facemask (LAD)


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