Friday, September 9, 2016

Injury - Brian Knight Leaves After Double HBP

Umpire Brian Knight took a chin-shot on a ball that first hit Marlins batter Ichiro Suzuki, resulting in Knight's injury-prompted removal from Friday's Dodgers-Marlins contest.

With two out in the bottom of the 5th inning, Dodgers pitcher Josh Fields threw a 95-mph fastball that first hit Miami's Suzuki's right shoulder before deflecting into the lower right portion of Knight's traditional-style facemask.

Knight was replaced for the remainder of the contest behind the plate by 2B Umpire and Crew Chief Bill Miller with Tony Randazzo and Tom Woodring holding their positions at first and third base, respectively.

Knight previously left a game due to a head injury on April 18, 2015, when Nationals pitcher Blake Treinen threw a fastball into Knight's mask when catcher Jose Lobaton failed to catch the pitch.

Alternate Link: Fields' offering hits Ichiro before deflecting into Knight's chin (MIA)


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