Saturday, October 15, 2022

Teachable - A Boundary for Barrett - Catch Considerations

For this Teachable Moment, tmac highlights HP Umpire Ted Barrett officiating a catch play near the dugout boundary on a foul fly ball to Cleveland catcher Austin Hedges during a game vs Minnesota. There are a few considerations for a pop fly hit back to the screen, and tmac reviews them here.

Upon Twins batter Max Kepler making contact with the baseball, Barrett's first move is to watch catcher Hedges—Barrett needs to clear the catcher, or move out of the catcher's way as Hedges is glancing skyward for the ball; thus, Barrett keeps an eye on the catcher before looking for the ball since the catcher's eyes will communicate where the ball might be.

After clearing the catcher, Hedges runs toward the first-base dugout and Barrett pursues, ready to open the gate by matching Hedges' movements with corresponding position adjustments in order to attain a keyhole angle to see a potential catch or boundary issue. Speaking of this boundary issue, HP Umpire Barrett must find a position near the fence-line to rule on various aspects of this play such as: did the fielder catch the ball before or after stepping or falling into dead ball territory (also see Rule 5.06(b)(3)(C) for "Catch & Carry"), did the ball scrape the protective netting behind home plate, etc.

This play was reviewed and upheld as a legal catch | Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Barrett calls a catch close to the dugout during Guardians-Twins game (CCS)


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