Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Sept/Oct Call of the Month - Will Little is Off Base

In our final Call of the Month for the 2022 regular season combining September through Game 162 in early October, 3B Umpire Will Little gets into the action during an Angels-A's game in Oakland to officiate a play in which Athletics runner Nick Allen came off the bag after initially sliding in safely, a call confirmed via Replay Review.

The A's attempt to sacrifice bunt R2 Allen to third base and reading that the play could be to third, Little moves closer to third base along the left field foul line. As Angels third baseman Luis Rengifo receives the throw at third and Allen approaches the base, Little is on top of the play, finding the keyhole angle necessary to see that, although Allen initially touched third base before the tag, the runner's foot nonetheless came off of the base, all while Rengifo held the tag. Observing this daylight between foot and base, Little properly signaled that the runner was out by virtue of an overslide while being tagged.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Will Little calls A's R2 Nick Allen out for oversliding third in extra innings (CCS)


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