Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Josh Donaldson Thrown Out Assuming HR That Wasn't

You asked us to take a look at Yankees batter-runner Josh Donaldson getting thrown out at first base in Game 1 of the Cleveland-New York ALDS on a play in which Donaldson incorrectly thought he hit a home run that umpires instead ruled alive and in play due to the ball hitting the top of the outfield wall, so naturally we went overboard and pulled up prior instances of Josh Donaldson thinking he hit a home run to right field at Yankee Stadium that turned out to be in play.

As was the case Tuesday night in New York, Donaldson was thrown out in one of those other examples as well, this time by Yankees right fielder Ichiro Suzuki when Donaldson was playing for the Oakland Athletics.

During the American League Division Series Game 1 play, Donaldson hit a fly ball to the right field corner that caromed off the top of the outfield wall and bounced back into play, ruled fair and in play by RF Mark Ripperger, who mechanized his "in play" ruling by using a safe signal to indicate the ball had not left the ballpark.

Donaldson, however, trotted past first base with his head down and may not have seen this signal, ultimately finding himself thrown out at first base on a live ball that he thought was dead by virtue of leaving the playing field, which it had not done, a call confirmed via Replay Review.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Donaldson thrown out on the bases after assuming he hit a HR that wasn't (CCS)


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