Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Checking in with Triple-A's Ball/Strike Challenge System

We join a Sacramento River Cats vs Oklahoma City Dodgers game to check in on Triple-A's ball/strike challenge system, similar to that we first proposed in 2019. 3B Umpire Tom Hanahan's ejection of River Cats manager Dave Brundage and yet-another-balk make an appearance as well.

Over the weekend, the Triple-A Dodgers tested MiLB's challenge system in its stadium. Several River Cats players challenged a handful of pitches throughout the game.
RelatedFixing the Strike Zone - Pitch Challenge Proposal (10/28/19).

To review, the challenge system being tested in the minor leagues as follows:
> Teams receive three ball/strike pitch location challenges per game.
> Offense: The batter may challenge a called strike (looking). No other person may challenge a strike.
> Defense: The pitcher or catcher may challenge a called ball. No other person may challenge a ball.
> Challenges from these three players must occur immediately after the pitch.
> If the offense/defense wins the challenge and the umpire's on-field ruling is overturned, that team retains the challenge expended. If the offense/defense loses the challenge and the umpire's on-field ruling is upheld, that team loses the challenge.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Checking in with MiLB's ball/strike pitch location challenge system (CCS)


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