Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MLB Ejection 026 & Replay Review 180: Hamari, Miller

3B Umpire Adam Hamari ejected Mariners 1B Coach Andy Van Slyke for arguing a check swing (ball) call in the bottom of the 9th and Instant Replay Review overturned 1B Umpire Bill Miller's out call in the top of the 5th inning of the Mariners-Yankees game. In the 5th, with none out and none on, Mariners batter Mike Zunino hit a 1-2 sinker from Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia on the ground to second baseman Brian Roberts, who threw to first baseman Mark Teixeira as Zunino arrived at first base. Upon Instant Replay Review as the result of a challenge by Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon, Miller's ruling was reversed, the call was incorrect. At the time of the review, the Yankees were leading, 2-0.

In the 9th, with two out and two on, Yankees batter Brett Gardner attempted to check his swing on a 1-0 fastball by Mariners pitcher Fernando Rodney. Replays indicate Gardner did not attempt to strike the pitch, the call was correct.* At the time of the review, the Mariners were leading, 6-2. The Mariners ultimately won the contest, 6-3.

This is Bill Miller (26)'s first Replay Review of 2014.
This is Adam Hamari (78)'s first ejection of 2014.
Bill Miller is now 0/1 (.000 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
Chief Bill Miller's crew is now 9/10 (.900 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
*The alluded to Robinson Cano at-bat is not admissible nor eligible for consideration as pertains to the Quality of Correctness for the Gardner call.

This is the 180th Instant Replay Review of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon is now 3/8 (.375 Success) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
Umpires are now 100/180 (.556 Affirmation Rate) in Instant Replay Reviews during the 2014 MLB season.

Wrap: Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees, 4/29/14
Video: Play overturned; Rainy replay review reverses ruling, keeps soaked Yankees on field (SEA)
Video: Van Slyke argues a 1-0 pitch in the eighth, producing his removal to the dry clubhouse (SEA)


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