Sunday, April 27, 2014

MLB Replay Review & Ejections: Gibson, Miller (05, 1-2)

2B Umpire Bill Miller ejected Reds Manager Bryan Price and P Homer Bailey for arguing a Replay Review decision that upheld 1B Umpire Greg Gibson's safe call in the bottom of the 1st inning of the Reds-Braves game. With two out and one on, Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto attempted to pick off Braves baserunner R1 B.J. Upton, throw to Reds first baseman Joey Votto, who tagged Upton as Upton slid into first base. Upon Instant Replay Review as the result of a challenge by Reds Manager Bryan Price, Gibson's ruling that Votto did not tag Upton while he was off his base was affirmed, the call was correct. Price was subsequently ejected by U2 Miller for arguing the Replay Review while Bailey was ejected for continued protest from the dugout (Unsportsmanlike-NEC). At the time of the review and ejections, the contest was tied, 0-0. The Braves ultimately won the contest, 1-0, in 10 innings.

This is Greg Gibson (53)'s fifth Replay Review of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
These are Bill Miller (26)'s first and second ejections of 2014.
Greg Gibson is now 4/5 (.800 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
Bill Miller now has 4 points in the UEFL Standings (0 + 2*[2 MLB + 0 U] = 4).
Chief Bill Miller's crew is now 9/9 (1.000 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
Crew Chief Bill Miller now has 11 points in the UEFL's Crew Division (9 + 2 U = 11).

This is the 167th Instant Replay Review of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
These are the 24th and 25th ejections of 2014.
This is the 7th player ejection, 11th Manager ejection of 2014.
Reds Manager Bryan Price is now 2/8 (.250 Success) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
This is Bryan Price's first ejection since July 26, 2004 (Charlie Reliford; QOC = U).
This is Homer Bailey's first career MLB ejection.
This is Bill Miller's first ejection since September 11, 2013 (Ron Gardenhire; QOC = Y).
Umpires are now 96/167 (.575 Affirmation Rate) in Instant Replay Reviews during the 2014 MLB season.

Video: Play stands; After lack of clear and convincing visual evidence upholds call, Reds ejected (CIN)


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