Saturday, May 3, 2014

UEFL Introduces The Left Field Corner, a New E-Publication

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League introduced The Left Field Corner e-newsletter/publication, a quasi-monthly recap of recent rumblings in the UEFL officiating world.

The Corner takes its name from the old Umpire Ejection
Fantasy League niche blog on Livejournal (2007-10).
We begin with the May 2014 edition of The Left Field Corner, which is available online as a PDF document via, and can be downloaded from, the UEFL Portal care of Google Drive/Docs. This month's inaugural edition includes the following articles:
> For the Catch: Outcry Leads to Catch/Transfer Rule Interp. Change
> Boston Red Sox: Farrell, Replay Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye
> Ejections: 2014 April Heave-Ho Rate on Pace with 2013

And what will become routine and regular features of The LF Corner:
> Just the Stats: A glimpse at the UEFL Leaderboard
> From the Board: A look at Recent UEFL Appeals Board Cases

I sincerely hope you enjoy this new venture. If there is anything Close Call Sports/UEFL can do to tailor The LF Corner more to your interests or if you wish to provide any other feedback, please comment here or send an e-mail reply to info [at] closecallsports [dot] com.

The Left Field Corner will be accessible from the UEFL Portal's LF Corner page.


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