Friday, September 23, 2011

Ejections: Ed Hickox (2)

2B Umpire Ed Hickox ejected Rays center fielder B.J. Upton for arguing an out call in the bottom of the 8th inning of the Blue Jays-Rays game. With one out and one on, Rays batter Evan Longoria took a 0-1 slider from Blue Jays pitcher Joel Carreno for a called first strike as Rays baserunner Upton attempted to steal second base. Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia threw to second baseman Kelly Johnson who applied the tag as Upton slid into second base. Replays indicate Johnson's glove tagged Upton's thigh prior to Upton touching second base, the call was correct. At the time of the ejection, the Blue Jays were leading, 4-1. The Blue Jays ultimately won the contest, 5-1.

This is Ed Hickox (15)'s second ejection of 2011.
Ed Hickox now has 9 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (5 Previous + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call) = 9.
Ed Hickox is owned as a Secondary Umpire by 15_and_done, who is now tied for 28th place in the UEFL with 9 points.

This is the 194th ejection of 2011.
This is the 86th player ejection of 2011.
Prior to his ejection, Upton was 0-3 in the contest.
This is Upton's second ejection of 2011 (Chad Fairchild (1, 2), 5/4/11).

Wrap: Blue Jays at Rays, 9/23/11 Wrap
Video: SOON


Matt said...

I saw this right after it happened on MLB Tonight. In real time it looked like Upton might've been safe, but when they slowed it down you could definately see he was out. Great call Ed.

Anonymous said...

the box score says that it occurred in the ninth, after longoria struck out.

Anonymous said...

Was watching this live, Upton was clearly out, and he was ejected while walking back to the dugout with Longoria still at the plate. Sometimes the press box announcer doesn't make the ejection announcement until after the inning is over for whatever reason, but the Blue Jays broadcast clearly shows Hickox throwing Upton out with two out in the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Pretty bad video, but I found this on Youtube:

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