Saturday, March 17, 2012

UEFL Draft 2012: Secondary Umpires and Prop Predictions

Welcome to the 2012 UEFL Draft for Secondary Umpires. As per Rule 1, the Pre-Season (Spring Training) Draft has been established to distribute crew, primary and secondary umpires. Here's how the process works: Now that we've selected Primary Umpires, we shall select Secondary Umpires. During this round only, you have the option of participating in the Standard (non-live) or Live Secondary Draft.

Important: Several members have not yet submitted their Primary Umpires. If this describes you, please submit your Primary Umpires as soon as possible. Because of the private nature of the Standard Secondary draft this year, we are able to accommodate late Primary selection submitted prior to the Live Secondary draft. (Exception: Those RSVP'd for the Live Secondary Draft have the option of submitting their Primary Umpires during the Live Draft). Failure to submit umpires timely will result in the absence of an Umpire on that member's roster. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail the Office of the UEFL Commissioner. Please note that the Crew round is currently excepted from this rule, as the Crew deadline has been extended through April 1. If the Crew List is still not available at that time, the Crew deadline only will be extended again. If this is to occur, the UEFL will make an official announcement prior to April 1.

The Live Secondary Draft is scheduled for 2:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 PM Eastern) on Sunday, April 1. This is a day off during the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament. If you plan to participate in the the Live Secondary Draft, please send an e-mail RSVP to the UEFL Commissioners. If you will not attend, be advised the non-live Standard Secondary round will run from March 17-30. Prop Predictions will be made concurrent with the Standard Secondary round, from March 17-30. As previously announced, since the Umpire Crew list is not yet available, the Crew round shall remain open through April 1.
SecondarySECTION 4. Prior to the start of the year's regular season, and after the primary umpires have been chosen, league members select two additional umpires.
a.     This round shall be conducted privately (Standard) or publicly (Live). Accordingly, two UEFL members may not choose the same permutation of two umpires, though individual selections may duplicate.  
b.     Please reference the UEFL Member Roster / Results for Secondary draft order. 
c.     Umpires classified as AAA call-ups are not eligible for draft in the Secondary round.
Please read on for important procedural information, for Prop Predictions information including the first round of Prop Predictions and for important injury information.

If you are participating in the Standard (non-live) Secondary Draft, you may choose your Secondary umpire draft picks by sending an e-mail to the Office of the UEFL Commissioner (recommended) or by replying to this post. Make sure you include your username, and a wish list of your top 10 secondary umpire choices. This wish list is necessary as you will be assigned umpires based on availability and draft order. You may submit your choices in the form of "(1) Umpire A & Umpire B, (2) Umpire A & Umpire C, (3) Umpire B & Umpire D, etc." or "(1) Umpire A, (2) Umpire B, (3) Umpire C, etc." If you submit your choices using the former format, we will preserve your designated combinations when assigning your secondary umpires. If you submit your choices using the latter format, we will assign your secondary umpires individually (so you may receive Umpire A & Umpire C even if you didn't specify that combination, for instance).

You have until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on March 30 to submit your Secondary umpire and you have until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 1 to submit your Crew selection. Umpires may be selected from the Umpire Roster / Stats page located on the UEFL Portal. Do not select "AAA" nor "Retired" umpires. If you have any questions about points, please e-mail the Office of the UEFL Commissioner.

If you are participating in the Live Secondary Draft, whose first selection ("first pitch") will occur at 2:05 PM Pacific Time (5:05 PM Eastern) on Sunday April 1, send an RSVP e-mail to the UEFL Commissioners (recommended) or reply to this post. You must RSVP for the Live Draft. If you unsure as whether you will be available, please send an RSVP. RSVPs may be rescinded at any time by stating your desire to participate in the Standard (non-live) Secondary Draft and sending in your wish list umpire choices as described above.

Prop Predictions 
As described in the UEFL 2012 Draft Special video, the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League introduces Prop Predictions, an exciting way to earn League points for the 2012 season. Prop Predictions are side wagers as to events that may happen during the upcoming season. For instance, if a Prop Prediction reads "First Ejection, 2012 Regular Season: Date," a member who believes this event will occur on 4/27/12 would submit the response "4/27/12." If the first ejection occurs on that date (or the member's guess is closest of all members to the actual date the event occurs), that member will win the Prop Prediction and receive a specified amount of points. If multiple members respond correctly, they all shall receive the specified amount of points. See Rule 4-6 for more information. To submit your prop predictions for the following items, send an e-mail to the Office of the UEFL Commissioner (recommended) or reply to this post. Additional props may be added during the season, so stay tuned.

Prop Board No. 1: 2012 Season
  1. First Ejection, 2012 Regular Season: Date (2 points)
  2. First Ejection, 2012 Regular Season: Name of Umpire (1-5 points, sliding scale [see Rule 4-6-b])
  3. Date of: First non-Plate Umpire ejection (2 points)
  4. Date of: Ozzie Guillen's First Regular Season Ejection (2 points)
  5. Date of: First Ejection for Fighting (2 points)
  6. Number of Ejections at the 2012 All-Star Break (2 points)
  7. End of 2012: Most Ejected Team (1-5 points, sliding scale)
Injury Update 
As reported by the UEFL here, umpire John Hirschbeck may be injured / ill and unable to work. Be advised that if you have selected Hirschbeck (at the time of this post, no UEFL'er has selected Hirschbeck), the UEFL may authorize you to change your selection due to the pre-season injury rule (UEFL Rule 1-5). Final determination of this authorization will be made the Commissioners by the close of the Crew round.

Members who have not yet submitted Primary Umpires in Alpha-order 
Albertaumpire, Betsy18, Bino, Blue1923, BONZ_kansascity, BT_Blue, chewy6294, constable, Cricket, dannyrocket, dwlockman, fallschum04, FearlessFixxer, Fikester, Gsdesbiens, marvin16, memump49, MSNUMP, Mwmoney0810, nkcaump, RadioPearl, Radwaste50, RichMSN, Scumpire, shtuck91, SnakesSnakes, Spence1222, Streetmedic, Sword, Three-Ballin', tt49, umpire87, walker1976, wvumpire1807, youngblue

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of these processes, please post here or send an e-mail to the Office of the UEFL Commissioner.


clement30 said...

Top 10 List Secondary:
1. Mark Carlson
2. Tim Timmons
3. Alfonso Marquez
4. Bill Miller
5. Ed Rapuano
6. Brian Knight
7. Todd Tichenor
8. Jeff Kellogg
9. Eric Cooper
10. Brian O' Nora

Chris said...

TX Wrangler

I would like to reserve for the live secondary draft. If I determine I can't attend, I'll notify you and send in my picks. Thanks! I think you already have my email on the list, but if not, please add it. Thanks!

Lindsay said...

Be advised that comments will remain "pending" or screened until the draft has concluded.

Anonymous said...

Dreckman is also out for a while after neck surgery

JRD said...

1. Tim Timmons
2. Scott Barry
3. Tom Hallion
4. Rob Drake
5. Tim Tschida
6. Ed Rapuano
7. Sam Holbrook
8. Angel Hernandez
9. Adrian Johnson
10. Mike Everitt

JRD said...

First Ejection, 2012 Regular Season: APRIL 8
First Ejection, 2012 Regular Season: Name of Umpire KERWIN DANLEY, JOE WEST, GREG GIBSON
Date of: First non-Plate Umpire ejection (2 points)APRIL 8
Date of Ozzie Ejection: May 3
Date of: First Ejection for Fighting May 11
Number of Ejections at the 2012 All-Star Break (2 points)
End of 2012: Most Ejected Team (1-5 points, sliding scale)Marlins

Bino said...

im not sure where to post this..i select as my primary scott barry

Tiznownes said...

I will be attending the Live Draft on April 1st.

-Three Ballin'

Anonymous said...

BONZ_kansascity selects as secondary umpires:

1. Dan Bellino
2. Angel Hernandez

If those two are not available:

3. Rob Drake
4. Tom Hallion
5. Brian Knight
6. CB Bucknor
7. Chris Guccione
8. Doug Eddings
9. Scott Barry
10. Paul Emmel


1. 4/8/12
2. Bob Davidson
3. 4/8/12
4. 4/11/12
5. 4/18/12
6. 31 ejections
7. Miami Marlins

Tiznownes said...

Primary Umpire Selection:

Jeff Nelson #45

-Three Ballin'

KTurner14 said...

Secondary umpire preference list:
1. Angel Hernandez
2. Todd Tichenor
3. Joe West
4. Mike Dimuro
5. Brian Runge
6. Alfonso Marquez
7. Eric Cooper
8. Ed Hickox
9. CB Bucknor
10. Marvin Hudson

Tiznownes said...

Prop Board No. 1: 2012 Season
1. First Ejection Date: 4/04/12
2. First Ejection, 2012 Regular Season: Name of Umpire-Angel Hernandez.
3. Date of First non-Plate Umpire ejection: 4/09/12
4. Date of: Ozzie Guillen's First Regular Season Ejection: 4/04/12
5. Date of: First Ejection for Fighting: 4/26/12
6. Number of Ejections at the 2012 All-Star Break: 22
7. End of 2012: Most Ejected Team: Miami Marlins

-Three Ballin'

bino said...

my secondary request: brian knight----rob drake-----bob davidson------angel hernandez-----or chad fairchild...hopefully one will stick for me

Anonymous said...

hello, this is for the user account tt49

Primary Umpire:
1. Joe West

Secondary Umpires:
2. Hunter Wendelstedt
3. Dan Bellino
4. Jeff Nelson
5. Chris Guiccione
6. Angel Hernandez

JRD said...

JRD updated Secondary

1. Dan Bellino and John Tumpane
2. Dan Bellino and Rob Drake
3. Rob Drake and John Tumpane
4. Dan Bellino and Angel Hernandez
5. Angel Hernandez and Rob Drake

SPballsandstrikes said...

Secondary umpire selection
1)Jim Wolf
2)Dan Bellino
3)Greg Gibson
4)Marvin Hudson
5)Wally Bell
6)Mark Carlson
7)Brian O'Nora
8)Phil Cuzzi
9)Ron Kulpa
10)Laz Diaz

Anonymous said...

marvin 16 selects Andy Fletcher as my primary umpire

Anonymous said...

marvin16 selects Andy Fletcher as my primary umpire

Matt said...

IWU_Titan 1. Dan Bellino, 2. Angel Hernandez, 3. Joe West, 4. Chris Guccione, 5. Sam Holbrook

Anonymous said...

ump_24 secondary picks:

1. Tim Timmons
2. Chris Guccione
3. Dan Bellino
4. Bill Welke
5. Jeff Nelson
6. Rob Drake

zcr57 said...

Here's my list of prop predictions for 2012:

Date of first ejection: April 9th

Umpire with first ejection: Bob Davidson or Dan Bellino

First non-plate ejection: April 9th

Ozzie's first ejection: April 29th

First ejection for fighting: June 6th

Number of EJs at the All-Star break: 87

Most ejected team: Red Sox, Rays, Nationals

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