Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Umpire Therapists, Actors & Helpless Punching Bags

MLB.com's Zack Meisel has published an article regarding the lighter side of manager ejections, those in which skippers deviate from their standard argument to vent about their team or something else not related to the game at hand. In these situations, umpires often must act in order to further the show. Former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda explained one reason behind this act: "'You have to throw me out because I have 48,000 people in the ballpark.'"

Featured are umpires Bob Davidson, Tom Hallion, Ted Barrett and Dale Scott, with comical stories of some memorable skipper ejections, including:

— Davidson's ejection of Lasorda. Lasorda discussed the perils of dining at an Italian restaurant.
— Barrett's ejection of an anonymous manager. The manager vented about his team's poor performance.
— Scott's ejection of retired Twins skipper Tom Kelly: "'[My batter] can't run in the [stupid] running lane.'"
—Scott's ejection of former Angels manager Terry Collins: "'I know that was the right call. But we [stink].'"
—Davidson's ejection of Rays manager Joe Maddon. The duo went nose-to-nose sharing cordialities.
—Barrett's ejection of Maddon, who replied "I love you" to Barrett's "one more word" ultimatum.
—Barrett's ejection of former Yankees skipper Joe Torre. Torre vented about his own playing career.

Davidson's May 15 ejection of Charlie Manuel received the 2012 Ejection of the Year Award, while Barrett, joined by Jim Joyce, was named 2012 Honorable Umpire. Davidson was also named Most Improved Umpire.

News: Skipper vs. ump arguments not always as they seem (MLB.com)


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