Monday, April 29, 2013

NJSIAA Brawl Results in 36 Player Ejections, 1 Parent Arrest

A New Jersey baseball brawl resulted in 36 player ejections and one arrest for assault as Rumson-Fair Haven and Red Bank Regional players fought during the bottom of the 6th inning after Red Bank baserunner R3 attempted to score on a botched suicide squeeze. Although the batter missed the ball, R3 charged toward home plate and executed a rolling shoulder block on the Rumson-Fair Haven catcher who was waiting to apply the tag. Immediately ejected by HP Umpire Vinny Smith under the auspices of NFHS's malicious contact rule, the event nonetheless incited a brawl as the Rumson-Fair Haven catcher allegedly "retaliated by fighting," resulting in a bench-clearing incident during which 22 Rumson-Fair Haven players and 14 Red Bank Regional players were ejected. No coaches from either squad were thrown out since "they did a commendable job in trying to break it up and they were very cooperative at the end of the game."

According to the Little Silver Police Department, parent Patrick Maisto, 49, was arrested and charged with simple assault after an alleged altercation with a Red Bank player.

At the time of the ejections, the contest was tied, 1-1. Since the contest was prematurely terminated, neither team ultimately won the game; both were subsequently disqualified from post-season tournament eligibility.

News: Assault arrest after bench-clearing brawl (The Asbury Park Press NJ)


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