Tuesday, March 18, 2014

UEFL Draft 2014: Appeals Board Election

The 2014 UEFL Appeals Board election is now open. Pursuant to Rule 6-4-a, the UEFL has established an Appeals Board to rule on issues of Quality of Correctness. The Commissioner has additionally vested this Board with the responsibility of adjudicating similar points affecting variables, as defined by Rule 6-2, including, but not limited to, umpire classification and name of ejector.

In accordance with a 2013 Rules Summit decision, BT_Blue, RichMSN, tmac and Turducken were re-elected to the 2014 Appeals Board, which leaves a minimum of one vacancy. The pre-season election takes the form of a plurality-at-large voting system, such that top vote recipients are elected until no additional vacancies exist (6-4-a-2-a). The Commissioner, at sole discretion, may fill or leave vacant the sixth and seventh seats (...2-b).

Listed in random order, the following five candidates have been nominated for the 2014 UEFL Appeals Board; you may vote for as many or as few candidates as you wish. Following candidate statements, which are reproduced below, is the ballot. Due to the delayed start, this ballot closes on Friday, March 28, 2013.

James Burke: "I have never been an umpire, though I have an excellent knowledge of the rules due to knowing several of them. I will not bother to write more since you probably won't pick a first-time applicant who isn't an umpire at any level."

johnnyg08: "I am a student of the rules.  I have and use all of the appropriate manuals that are available. I involve myself in video study to learn from other plays that occur throughout the game.  If elected, I know that there will be a learning curve.  I have no issue abstaining when one of my drafted umpires, crew chiefs, call-ups, etc...is involved in a challenge. Thank you for considering my application!"

JoeyBagODonuts: "20+ years of official quality review and assurance.  I will be judicious and rule on situations through fairness and by using legal precedent."

JD: "I am a graduate of the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, after which I spent two seasons in Minor League Baseball.  Additionally, I instructed at JEAPU as an apprentice instructor.  Thus, I believe I have a strong understanding of the rules and their applicability to different situations.  After leaving MiLB, I obtained a law degree and am currently clerking for a federal judge in Manhattan.  At its core, my job is objectively applying the law to facts as precedential federal case law requires.  Moreover, I do not participate in the UEFL, so there is no risk of bias.  I therefore believe I can perform the job of Appeals Board member proficiently and objectively."

bjweig01: "I greatly enjoyed participating in the UEFL during the 2013 championship season.  I am currently inactive as an official because of professional and family obligations.  However, I feel that my previous experience (high school and summer leagues) along with my profession as an attorney would make me an excellent asset for the UEFL appeals board.  I appreciate your consideration."

Joe Gravina: "Baseball Umpire for 15 Years. v Worked all levels (besides Pro) of Baseball form LL to NCAA. Worked the ECAC Division 3 play-offs. Worked the RI American Legion Play-offs and finals the last 7 years. Crew Chief for the RI American Legion playoffs and Finals the last 2 years. Director of Training (appointed paid position) for the RIUA. A 100 member umpire group that works and assigns all levels of amateur baseball from LL to NCAA. If elected, I will do my best to apply my considerable knowledge and training to make sure each call/ejection is evaluated appropriately.  I will not be participating in the UEFL so will provide an impartial view on all cases."

cyclone14: "After participating in the UEFL for the past 4 seasons, I am excited by the potential opportunity to take on a new role within the League by becoming a member of the Appeals Board. I have umpired up to High School ball and really enjoy being on the diamond with players of all ages and abilities. Off the field, I call the plays in another way- as a surgical resident in an operating room in Ontario, Canada. Even though my work life can be busy, I have still always made it a priority to keep up my umpiring skills and stay actively involved in baseball. I have been an active participant in the UEFL, finishing in the top 5 of the standings each year I have been involved. I think the UEFL provides us an extremely unique forum for umpires to discuss plays and improve their knowledge and I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication shown by the commissioners. I hope that you will allow me the chance to give back to league as a member of the 2014 Appeals Board."

UEFL Appeals Board 2014 Voting


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