Friday, March 27, 2015

MiLB Announces Umpire Department Name Changes

Minor League Baseball announced name changes for its umpiring properties based in Florida. According to Director (and former MiLB ump himself) Dusty Dellinger, "We wanted to capitalize on the established brand of Minor League Baseball to help provide a clearer identity within the baseball industry."

The new MiLB umpire logos (Photo:
The Umpire School changed its name to the Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy, which both confirms the institution's association with Minor League Baseball and delineates the purpose of the Academy, which is to train umpires. "Academy" comes from the former Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring name. With JEAPU de-certified, MiLB hired Evans as Umpire Advisor this past offseason, effectively making the newly named MiLB Umpire Training Academy the new JEAPU. The name also differentiates MiLB's holding from the Wendelstedt School.

Professional Baseball Umpire Corp. changed its name to Minor League Baseball Umpire Development, which also uses the MiLB name to align itself with the league it serves while using "development" to depict what its purpose is, though the jury's still out on whether MiLBUD is a better acronym than PBUC.

The Umpire Training Academy also changed its website address to

News: MiLB announces changes to umpire entities (Minor League Baseball)


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