Thursday, September 22, 2022

Teachable - Tosi's Toasty Pickoff Play

Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco's snap pickoff throw to first base might have caught baserunner Nathaniel Lowe off the bag, but 1B Umpire Alex Tosi was there to observe New York first baseman Dominic Smith's quick tag and instinctively call the runner out, a call confirmed via Replay Review following a Texas challenge.

As Tmac reviews in this Teachable Moment, Tosi trusts his eyes (and possibly ears) to come up with an immediate out call, spying the fielder's glove making contact with the runner's right knee prior to the runner's left foot returning to touch first base.

The moral of the story is through experience, umpires can learn to trust their instincts to assist in quick-reflexes plays such as this one.


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