Friday, June 3, 2011

Polls: Umpiring Experience

This League strives for objectivity in tracking and analyzing umpire actions, and we hope at least some of our audience strives for the same goal. That said, we seem to be a rather diverse group of individuals; we have fans, amateur umps, some pro umps, and even some stats folks. We're going to try and gauge our audience with this next poll regarding umpiring experience, but first, here are the results of our previous poll.

Previous Poll (Strike Mechanic) Results: Our previous poll, Polls: Strike Mechanic, asked which umpire you think has the best called third strike mechanic. Combining your votes on the blog and on our Facebook page, we see the response proved a landslide (Total Votes: 367):

  • 38% overwhelmingly gave this victory to Tom Hallion's athletic, back torquing twist and yowl.
  • 13% recognized Dale Scott's subtle and cadenced thwack.
  • 12% declared Jim Joyce's consistent verbalization of... something... as the best.
  • 11% applauded James Hoye's decisive punch-out.
  • 7% enjoyed CB Bucknor's (at 1:44) enthusiastic contortion.
  • 7% appreciated Mike Winters' simple yet sophisticated strike three call.

Current Poll: Which Levels of 'Ball Have You Ever Umpired?
The poll is below, please select all applicable options. Please select "I have never umpired" if you have never umpired before. One more thing... if you selected Pro (at least one MLB game) and your most recent MLB regular season game was no earlier than 2005, look yourself up on our Historical Data page. Let us know if there are any inaccuracies! If you would like to add your own option to the poll, visit our Facebook Page; the Facebook poll's functionality allows you to add your own options! Poll results will be a combination of votes received on the UEFL blog as well as the UEFL Facebook page.

So... Which of the Following Have You Ever Umpired? (Select all that apply)


thexfactor264 said...

How come Marty Foster has so many ejections in 2005? I know Sam Holbrook in 2006 was because Texas and LAA played bean ball with each other, and Phil Cuzzi just had a short temper in 07, but 14 is high for an MLB umpire.

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