Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UEFL Draft 2011: Rosters and Results

As per Rules 1 and 2 of the League, the Pre-Season (Spring Training) Draft has been established to distribute primary and secondary umpires. All league entrants have selected primary and secondary umpires, and at this time, the Results and Rosters shall be announced. Primary Umpires may appear on multiple rosters, whereas Secondary Umpires must be exclusive. Primary Umpires may be AAA or MLB Umpires, whereas Secondary Umpires must be MLB Umpires.

Username: Primary Umpire, Secondary Umpire

#1UmpFan: Bill Miller, Dan Iassogna
15_and_done: Jerry Layne, Ed Hickox
BGMTOM: Bob Davidson, Joe West
Bino: Bob Davidson, Jim Reynolds
BONZ_kansascity: Joe West, Angel Hernandez
BrooklynUmp: Greg Gibson, Bob Davidson
BSBALLUMP: Ed Rapuano, Rob Drake
clement30: Tim Timmons, Mark Carlson
cyclone14: Mark Wegner, Adrian Johnson
DanNJ316: Joe West, Ron Kulpa
HIGHSCHOOLUMP: Greg Gibson, Sam Holbrook
IWU_Titan: Tim Timmons, Jim Wolf
jeruhmed: Gerry Davis, Brian O'Nora
jhagen88: Joe West, Tim Tschida
josh7377: Bill Welke, Doug Eddings
jdbr78: Lance Barksdale, Kerwin Danley
kickersrule: Joe West, Hunter Wendelstedt
KTurner14: Mark Wegner, Jerry Layne
marvin16: Jeff Kellogg, Mike Everitt
mtn335: Joe West, Marvin Hudson
rasseul: Mike Everitt, Greg Gibson
RichMSN: Joe West, Paul Emmel
RingTail: Angel Hernandez, Mike Winters
sachmet: Joe West, Dan Bellino
Scumpire: Joe West, Todd Tichenor
Spballsandstrikes: Mark Wegner, Mike DiMuro
spence1222: Gerry Davis, Jeff Nelson
thexfactor264: Joe West, Andy Fletcher
TonyTheRed: Greg Gibson, Laz Diaz
Tswo7: Ron Kulpa, John Hirschbeck
tt49: Hunter Wendelstedt, Chris Guccione
ump_24: Angel Hernandez, Tim Timmons
ump_78: Paul Emmel, Bruce Dreckman
whenindoubt55: Joe West, Ed Rapuano
yawetag: Angel Hernandez, Jim Joyce
zcr57: Tom Hallion, Mark Wegner

*The users BGMTOM and TOMH25 have been merged
**Accepted rule interpretation, in re: Rules 2, 4.a: An umpire listed on the MLB Crew or MLB Roster list shall be considered a MLB umpire for the purpose of scoring and secondary draft eligibility. These umpires may not receive the "AAA scoring bonus," as specified in Rule 4.a.

Monday, March 28, 2011

UEFL Archives

Please be advised, if you're reading this, you've probably been looking at our archives from early 2011. To continue reading the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League archives from prior years, you'll need to visit our old blog at http://cascreamindude.livejournal.com/. From there, you may continue reading back through the 2007 season. The UEFL's inaugural season in 2006 was never posted in blog format, and as a result, archives for that year are not available.

Thank You.