Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MLB News: Proposed Labor Deal Includes Expanded Instant Replay

When MLB first introduced instant replay in 2008, the release was limited to potential home run boundary calls. Now, in possibly the first ever revision to the original replay release, MLB has indicated a desire to expand instant replay to the following situations and calls:

  • Fair/Foul (Supported by 36 percent of UEFL'ers)*
  • Catch/No Catch (Supported by 30 percent of UEFL'ers)*
  • Expansion to include all spectator interference calls (Supported by 68 percent of UEFL'ers)
*According to the UEFL's August poll regarding the subject.

What does expanded replay mean for MLB in 2012? What does it mean for the UEFL and ejections? 

Consider these case plays which have no correct answer: 

IR 1: With one out and one on, B1 hits a line drive to F8 who dives for the attempted catch. U2 rules "no catch," as he believes the ball was trapped. R1, upon seeing U2's "safe" mechanic, rounds second base and arrives at third base safely while B1 hustles into first. Meanwhile, F8, believing he caught the ball and unaware of U2's call, throws the ball to F3 who tags first base (after B1 already overran it). Believing they have just completed an inning-ending double play, the defensive team leaves the field as R1 makes a mad dash for the now-uncovered plate. Instant replay indicates the ball was clearly caught. What happens to R1?

IR 2: With one out and two on, B1 hits a line drive to F7 who dives for the attempted catch. U3 rules "catch," as he believes the ball was caught. R1, unaware of (and unable to see) U3's mechanic and believing the ball was not caught, advances to and rounds second base. R2, upon seeing U3's "out" mechanic, returns to second base where he runs right by R1, who has already rounded the second base bag. U2 immediately declares R1 out for passing R2, while R2 runs toward third base and B1 takes second base. F7 throws to F5, who steps on the bag before R2's arrival. F5 never tags R2's person. Instant replay indicates the ball was clearly trapped. What happens to our runners?

The umpires still must ratify this proposal for it to take hold in 2012, but according to our August poll, these three issues (fair/foul, catch/trap, fan int.) are the three issues that have been most supported as expansion candidates.