Saturday, November 10, 2012

MiLB AFL Ground Rule Triple Ejections: Johnson/Dudones

HP Umpire A.J. Johnson & 2B Umpire Andy Dudones ejected Solar Sox pitcher Red Patterson and bench player Joc Pederson (Johnson) & Manager Rodney Linares (Dudones) for arguing a multiple-base award granted by Dudones, scored a triple, during the top of the 9th inning of the Solar Sox-Javelinas game. With one out and none on, Solar Sox batter George Springer hit a 2-0 fastball from Javelinas pitcher Kevin Quackenbush to center field. Replays are presently unavailable, though the play may be described thusly:

The Peoria Sports Complex's batter's eye is in play.
Springer's fly ball to deep center field caromed off the Peoria Sports Complex batter's eye along the playing field wall, with one umpire ruling a home run (dead ball) while a second ruled the ball in play (live). After umpire conference and consultation, the crew ruled the ball in play and that umpires' conflicting mechanics and rulings during the play confused Javelinas center fielder Evan Bigley, preventing the defense from securing an opportunity to retire Springer.

The 90-foot-wide and 40-foot-high batter's eye at the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona—used in Spring Training by MLB Cactus League's Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres—is considered flush with the center field wall and, accordingly, in play. Quality of Correctness is therefore correct; though Rule 7.05 which authorizes multiple-base awards does not provide for a reversed or changed call due to mechanics, Rule 9.02(c) authorizes umpires to place base runners at their discretion after a changed call and 9.01(c) [baseball's elastic clause] allows umpires to rule that misleading mechanics may be subject to Rule 9.02(c) runner placement; Poll 11 of the 2012 UEFL Rules Summit (open through Sunday night)—the "Scott Rule"—proposes that all future instances of incorrect or misleading umpiring mechanics be assigned a QOC of "irrecusable" by default. Because the play involved an umpire's ruling of dead vs. live ball, the UEFL Appeals Board would be authorized to review this play and determine Quality of Correctness.

At the time of the ejections, the Solar Sox were leading, 9-8. The Solar Sox ultimately won the contest, 11-8.

Several MiLB players, including Pederson, later referred to the call in question as a "ground rule triple."
See also Rule 7.05: Extra Base Awards for Runner & Batter

Wrap: Mesa Solar Sox vs. Peoria Javelinas, 11/10/12
HP: A.J. Johnson. 1B: Travis Carlson. 2B: Andy Dudones. 3B: Joel Hospodka.
Video: Springer's drive off batter's eye is called both dead and in play simultaneously; confusion ensues (N/A)

2012 TFFL: Day 12, Technical Fouls 069 - 073

Day 12 of the NBA season featured 9 games which produced 5 technical fouls.

069: 28 Zach Zarba, 33 Sean Corbin, 72 J.T. Orr. Raptors' DeRozan; 4th, 3:46. 83-69 PHI.
The Philadelphia 76ers ultimately won the contest, 93-83.

070: 68 Marat Kogut, 71 Rodney Mott, 9 Derrick Stafford. Wizards' Singleton; 2nd, 11:21. 25-23 WAS (d-71).
071: 68 Marat Kogut, 71 Rodney Mott, 9 Derrick Stafford. Pacers' West; 2nd, 11:21. 25-23 WAS (d-70).
The Indiana Pacers ultimately won the contest, 89-85.

072: 20 Leroy Richardson, 23 Jason Phillips, 50 Olandis Poole. Pistons' Jerebko; 4th, 9:43. 78-57 HOU.
The Houston Rockets ultimately won the contest, 96-82.

073: 42 Eric Lewis, 49 Tom Washington, 56 Mark Ayotte. Suns' Dragic; 3rd, 12:00. 50-43 UTA.
The Utah Jazz ultimately won the contest, 94-81.

TFFL Standings Update
1. (19 pts) tonyjia888.
2. (16 pts) cyclone14.
5. (14 pts) JRD, yawetag, youthministeradam.

Friday, November 9, 2012

2012 TFFL: Day 11, Technical Fouls 061 - 068

Day 11 of the NBA season featured 13 games which produced 8 technical fouls.

061: 24 Mike Callahan, 40 Leon Wood, 74 Curtis Blair. Bucks' Jennings; 4th, 0:23.7. 99-90 MIL.
The Milwaukee Bucks ultimately won the contest, 101-91. See NBA Ejections: Wood/Blair/Callahan (1, 2).

062: 13 Monty McCutchen, 28 Zach Zarba, 79 Kevin Scott. Knicks' Anthony; 2nd, 3:27. 47-44 DAL.
063: 13 Monty McCutchen, 28 Zach Zarba, 79 Kevin Scott. Mavericks' Mayo; 4th, 4:02. 98-86 NYK (d-64).
064: 13 Monty McCutchen, 28 Zach Zarba, 79 Kevin Scott. Knicks' Felton; 4th, 4:02. 98-86 NYK (d-63).
The New York Knicks ultimately won the contest, 104-94.

065: 17 Joe Crawford, 45 Brian Forte, 77 Karle Lane. Hawks' Pachulia; 3rd, 1:26. 69-67 ATL.
The Miami Heat ultimately won the contest, 95-89.

066: 48 Scott Foster, 70 Brent Barnaky, 31 Scott Wall. Timberwolves' Shved; 4th, 6:58. 78-72 MIN.
The Minnesota Timberwolves ultimately won the contest, 96-94.

067: 15 Bennett Salvatore, 54 Nick Buchert, 36 David Jones. Lakers' Gasol; 4th, 11:35. 74-55 LAL (d-68).
068: 15 Bennett Salvatore, 54 Nick Buchert, 36 David Jones. Warriors' Green; 4th, 11:35. 74-55 LAL (d-67).
The Los Angeles Lakers ultimately won the contest, 101-77.

TFFL Standings Update
1. (17 pts) tonyjia888.
2. (16 pts) cyclone14.
5. (14 pts) JRD, jawetag, youthministeradam.

NBA Ejections: Wood/Blair/Callahan (1, 2)

Referees #24 Mike Callahan, #40 Leon Wood & #74 Curtis Blair ejected Wizards guard Bradley Beal and Bucks guard Brandon Jennings for a flagrant foul penalty 2 and unsporting technical, respectively, in the 4th quarter of the Bucks-Wizards game. With 23.7 seconds remaining in regulation, Beal committed a flagrant foul on Bucks guard Monta Ellis, resulting in an altercation and Jennings' disqualifying technical. After video review, the officials confirmed Beal's flagrant foul type 2 and ejection. After his ejection, Jennings removed and threw his jersey into the stands. At the time of the ejections, the Bucks were leading, 99-90. The Bucks ultimately won the contest, 101-91.

This is the first technical foul issued in 2012-13 that has resulted in the offender's ejection (Pts: 1 T + 1 EJ).

Wrap: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Washington Wizards, 11/9/12
Video: After unnecessary & excessive flagrant 2 foul, Beal & Jennings tangle, are ejected

Carrier Classic Condensation Cancellation: Playing Outside

Friday night's Walmart Carrier Classic between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Marquette Golden Eagles experienced a 45 minute delay prior to a postponement due to condensation gathering on the deck and playing surface of the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in Charleston, South Carolina.

As officials Tim Cahill, Bo Boroski & Gene Steratore gathered with players for the opening tip, personnel on the court detected water had returned to the wooden playing surface after the floor had been wiped clean moments earlier. The officials met with both head coaches, athletic directors and persons in charge of the event, determining the cause was condensation caused by the drop in temperature from a high in the 70s during the day's earlier women's game to a level in the mid-40s as the men's game was scheduled to begin. The women's game was successfully completed.

After another round of toweling the floor, both teams attempted to warm up until officials and the teams decided to postpone the tip-off by another 20 minutes, hoping a subsequent temperature's drop into the low-40s would eliminate the condensation issue. In 1892, Johannes Petrus Kuenen discovered that gas compressed beyond the point of condensation would result in liquid evaporation, instead of an increased rate of condensation. Kuenen's discovery—retrograde condensation—was what organizers hoped to achieve by waiting the additional 20 minutes, or a total delay of approximately 45 minutes.

After the 20 minute waiting period, the officials and schools determined retrograde condensation had not occurred, the floor was still wet, and the game at that point was called and postponed.

The Imperial Umpire: Welcome William Shatner

William Shatner has officially taken the field as an MLB umpire at Boston's Fenway Park, if only for a week. Captain James T. Kirk flew to the 100-year-old ballpark to portray an umpire (specifically, a mid-2000s umpire with outer catcher's gear) as part of the music video "At Fenway," a track, CD and DVD licensed by Major League Baseball and added to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown that is scheduled to be released in stores on Opening Day, 2013.
William Shatner, Umpire

Shatner is hardly the first celebrity to star as an umpire—and not even the first from the Star Trek universe. In Deep Space 9's "Take Me Out to the Holosuite," Constable Odo (Rene Auberjonois) served as umpire during a Niners-Logicians contest, ejecting Niners batter Solok and manager Benjamin Sisko for arguing a correctly called third strike. In ejecting Sisko from the contest, Odo referenced OBR Rule 4.06(a)(4), stating, "No player shall at any time make contact with the umpire in any manner. The prescribed penalty for the violation is immediate ejection from the game. Rule number 4.06, subsection a, paragraph 4, look it up, but do it in the stands... You're gone!"

The real Rule 4.06(a)(4) states,"No manager, player...shall at any time...make intentional contact with the umpire in any manner." PENALTY: Removal from the game and playing field.

News: William Shatner plays umpire in 'At Fenway' music video (MassLive)

In other UEFL news, 2012 Rules Summit voting remains open through Sunday. Click here to cast your ballot!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

MLS Soccer Playoff Ejections: Mark Geiger (1, 2)

FIFA/MLS Referee Mark Geiger ejected DC United goalkeeper Bill Hamid for a deliberate foul (preventing a clear opportunity to score; red card) and New York Red Bulls midfielder Rafael Marquez for an off the ball foul (second yellow card) in the second half of the Red Bulls-United 2nd Leg. In the 69th minute, Hamid slid and made contact with opponent Kenny Cooper, who drew a foul in the penalty area. DC United's Lionard Pajoy was shown a yellow card for dissent after arguing on Hamid's behalf. After substitute Joe Willis replaced Hamid as DC keeper, Cooper's penalty shot attempt entered the goal as Geiger waved off the try because of offensive encroachment by New York's Thierry Henry & Tim Cahill, who had run into the penalty area prior to Cooper kicking the ball, an infraction by rule as described by play-by-play broadcaster Arlo White: "Oh, what drama at Red Bull Arena! He is a stickler for the rules, Mark Geiger, when it comes to encroachment at the edge of the penalty area." Cooper's second penalty shot attempt was saved and blocked by Willis.

Six minutes later, Marquez slid into and tackled opponent Chris Pontius, who had released the ball on a pass several seconds earlier. After receiving a yellow card for a foul away from the ball, Marquez was sent off on the second booking, a converted red. At the time of both ejections, the contest was tied, 0-0 (Aggregate 1-1). DC United ultimately won the contest, 1-0 (Aggregate 2-1).

Wrap: DC United vs. New York Red Bulls, Leg 2, MLS Playoffs, 11/8/12
Video: Match summary of Leg 2

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baseball: Venezuelan League Fighting Ejections (3)

Fighting ejections: HP Umpire Henry Leon ejected Aguilas del Zulia CF Ender Inciarte, Leones del Caracas P Victor Garate & 3B Daniel Mayora for fighting in the top of the second inning of the Aguilas-Leones Venezuelan League game.
Image of the bench clearance at home plate (Panorama/ve)

With two out and two on, Aguilas baserunner R2 Inciarte successfully stole third base on a pickoff attempt from the catcher to the second baseman and attempted to steal home after the Leones appeared to have trouble with the ball. After third baseman Mayora threw to pitcher Garate for the caught stealing and third out to the end the half inning, Inciarte and Garate became entangled, resulting in a bench clearing brawl incident, in which the three overtly involved players were ejected from the contest. At the time of the ejections, the Aguilas were leading, 2-1. The Leones ultimately won the contest, 6-3.

MiLB umpire Clint Fagan was the first base umpire for this contest.

Wrap: Aguilas del Zulia vs. Leones del Caracas, 11/7/12

NBA Ejection: Bennett Salvatore (1)

Crew Chief Bennett Salvatore ejected Kings forward Thomas Robinson for a flagrant foul penalty 2 in the 4th quarter of the Pistons-Kings game. With 10:00 remaining in the 4th period, Robinson illegally elbowed Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko in the neck/head area. Had no contact occurred, officials could have ruled a violation (live ball) or a technical foul (incl. dead ball) if the act was deemed unsportsmanlike. Because replays indicate significant contact occurred to the opponent's chin or neck as a result of this unnecessary and excessive act, the prescribed penalty of a flagrant foul type two was correctly assessed and enforced. At the time of the ejection, the Kings were leading, 79-74. The Kings ultimately won the contest, 105-103.

Salvatore's ejection from slot/center was mirrored by trail official, Referee David Jones.

Wrap: Detroit Pistons at Sacramento Kings, 11/7/12
Video: Robinson elbows opponent above shoulder height, is ejected for unnecessary, excessive contact

2012 TFFL: Day 9, Technical Fouls 045 - 060

Day 9 of the NBA season featured 13 games which produced 16 technical fouls.

045: 9 Derrick Stafford, 34 Kevin Cutler, 40 Leon Wood. Bobcats' Sessions; 2nd, 10:16. 33-27 PHX.
The Phoenix Suns ultimately won the contest, 117-110.

046: 13 Monty McCutchen, 47 Benny Adams, 79 Kevin Scott. Celtics' Garnett; 4th, 1:08. 83-82 WAS.
The Boston Celtics ultimately won the contest, 100-94, in one overtime.

047: 41 Ken Mauer, 35 Kane Fitzgerald, 63 Derek Richardson. Hawks' Smith; 3rd, 4:02. 64-62 IND.
048: 41 Ken Mauer, 35 Kane Fitzgerald, 63 Derek Richardson. Hawks' Pachulia; 3rd, 3:02. 68-62 IND.
The Atlanta Hawks ultimately won the contest, 89-86.

049: 23 Jason Phillips, 31 Scott Wall, 59 Gary Zielinski. Bucks' Ellis; 2nd, 5:00. 44-31 MEM.
050: 23 Jason Phillips, 31 Scott Wall, 59 Gary Zielinski. Bucks' Sanders; 2nd, 3:15. 47-37 MEM.
The Memphis Grizzlies ultimately won the contest, 108-90.

051: 17 Joe Crawford, 75 Eric Dalen, 16 David Guthrie. Nuggets' Faried; 1st, 1:01. 25-17 DEN.
052: 17 Joe Crawford, 75 Eric Dalen, 16 David Guthrie. Rockets' Morris; 2nd, 9:54. 27-24 DEN (d-53).
053: 17 Joe Crawford, 75 Eric Dalen, 16 David Guthrie. Nuggets' Gallinari; 2nd, 9:54. 27-24 DEN (d-52).
The Denver Nuggets ultimately won the contest, 93-87.

054: 71 Rodney Mott, 65 Sean Wright, 73 Tre Maddox. Raptors' Acy; 4th, 0:41.4. 109-102 DAL.
The Dallas Mavericks ultimately won the contest, 109-104.

055: 15 Bennett Salvatore, 36 David Jones, 54 Nick Buchert. Kings' Johnson; 2nd, 4:48. 45-50 SAC.
Video: Thomas Robinson was ejected for a Flagrant Type Two Foul (4th, 10:00. 79-74 SAC).
The Sacramento Kings ultimately won the contest, 105-103.

056: 19 James Capers, 18 Matt Boland, 38 Michael Smith. Clippers' Jordan; 4th, 6:47. 89-73 LAC.
057: 19 James Capers, 18 Matt Boland, 38 Michael Smith. Clippers' Griffin; 4th, 6:47. 89-73 LAC.
058: 19 James Capers, 18 Matt Boland, 38 Michael Smith. Spurs' Jackson; 4th, 6:47. 89-73 LAC.
The Los Angeles Clippers ultimately won the contest, 106-84.

059: 49 Tom Washington, 56 Mark Ayotte, 42 Eric Lewis. Cavaliers' Gibson; 4th, 8:40. 89-78 GSW.
060: 49 Tom Washington, 56 Mark Ayotte, 42 Eric Lewis. Warriors' Barnes; 4th, 8:40. 89-78 GSW.
The Golden State Warriors ultimately won the contest, 106-96.

TFFL Standings Update
1. (16 pts) tonyjia888.
2. (13 pts) cyclone14, JRD, yawetag.
5. (12 pts) Niicker, youthministeradam.

2012 TFFL: Day 8, Technical Fouls 043 - 044

Day 8 of the NBA season featured 3 games which produced 2 technical fouls.

043: 10 Ron Garretson, 45 Brian Forte, 75 Eric Dalen. Raptors' Lowry, 2nd, 4:47. 40-29 OKC.
044: 10 Ron Garretson, 45 Brian Forte, 75 Eric Dalen. Thunder's Westbrook; 2nd, 1:29. 52-35 OKC.
The Oklahoma City Thunder ultimately won the contest, 108-88.

Notable Plays from Around the League (Includes Video Links)

TFFL Standings Update
1. (11 pts) cyclone14.
2. (10 pts) tonyjia888, Niicker.
4. (8 pts) wwjd220, yawetag.

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 TFFL: Day 7, Technical Fouls 038 - 042

Day 7 of the NBA season featured 8 games which produced 5 technical fouls.

038: 48 Scott Foster, 59 Gary Zielinski, 61 Courtney Kirkland; Knicks' Smith. 2nd, 8:57, 32-27 NYK.
039: 48 Scott Foster, 59 Gary Zielinski, 61 Courtney Kirkland; Knicks' Chandler. 3rd, 5:24, 76-57 NYK.
The New York Knicks ultimately won the contest, 110-88.

040: 16 David Guthrie, 55 Bill Kennedy, 73 Tre Maddox; Jazz's Williams. 4th, 0:03.4, 103-91 MEM.
The Memphis Grizzlies ultimately won the contest, 103-94.

041: 19 James Capers, 29 Mark Lindsay, 38 Michael Smith; Warriors' Bogut. 3rd, 5:34, 64-56 SAC (d-42).
042: 19 James Capers, 29 Mark Lindsay, 38 Michael Smith; Kings' Cousins. 3rd, 5:34, 64-56 SAC (d-41).
The Sacramento Kings ultimately won the contest, 94-92.

Notable Plays from Around the League (Includes Video Links)
NYK-PHI: Wright goes 3+1 as Slot/C Zielinski sticks with play. Novak undercuts airborne shooter.
PHX-MIA: Beasley/Bosh no-call by Slot/C Dan Crawford, Lead Zach Zarba. Primary defender maintains legality (Restricted Area not applicable); re-establishes self in bounds before touching loose ball.
GSW-SAC: Lee avoids the offensive foul ... but violates by failing to release before returning pivot to floor.

TFFL Standings Update
1. (11 pts) cyclone14.
2. (10 pts) tonyjia888, Niicker.
4. (8 pts) wwjd220, yawetag.

NBA Issues First Two Flopping Warnings of 2012-13 Season

The NBA has officially warned guards Donald Sloan (Cleveland Cavaliers) and J.J. Barea (Minnesota Timberwolves) for flopping in the first instance of discipline for violating the NBA's new anti-flopping rule.

Further flop actions by either Sloan or Barea found to be egregious will result in a $5,000 fine. A third violation of the anti-flopping provision will result in a $10,000 fine, followed by a $15,000 fine for a fourth violation and a fine of $30,000 for a fifth.

In early October, the NBA issued a press release announcing progressive flop discipline. Under its terms:
A “flop” is an attempt to either fool referees into calling undeserved fouls or fool fans into thinking the referees missed a foul call by exaggerating the effect of contact with an opposing player.
Sloan's actions in falling to the floor during a legal screen and Barea's arm actions after incidental contact constituted a "flop" as defined above.

Discipline 1, Violation 1-Warning: Sloan's flop [Video] (11/2, 4th quarter, 5:58, Cleveland-Chicago)
Discipline 2, Violation 1-Warning: Barea's flop [Video] (11/2, 4th quarter, 10:04, Minnesota-Sacramento)

Polls: 2012 UEFL Rules Summit Voting

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces 2012 Rules Summit voting following the Summit's discussion phase. It is now time to vote for UEFL rules modifications in advance of the 2013 baseball season.

The following includes a description of proposals and includes the option to fill out and submit a ballot. Upon Commissioner approval, all passing proposals (any plurality, wherein more than two options are present, or absolute majority, wherein no more than two options are present) will become rules for the 2013 UEFL season. The Rules Summit ballot will close Monday, November 12, at 12:01 am PST.

The 2012 Rules Summit includes seven proposals with 17 polls. Carefully consider the below options before submitting your ballot. You may vote in as many or as few polls as you wish.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recent Ejections: Early November

From baseball's Winter Leagues to collegiate basketball and football, professional hockey and the soccer playoffs, there has been no shortage of sport ejections these past few days. As reported by @SportEjections, these are a few notable ejections since November 1.

11/1/12: HP Umpire Chris Segal ejected Salt River Rafters Manager Matt Williams (balk; AZL).
11/1/12: HP Umpire Ramon Ferrer; Tigres del Licey LF Brian Cavazos-Galvez (3rd strike; DL).
11/2/12: Referees Jean Hebert/Michael Spohn ejected OKC Barons F Taylor Hall (check to head; AHL).
11/2/12: 2B Umpire Stu Scheurwater ejected Mesa Solar Sox DH Joc Pederson, Manager Linares (out; AZL).
11/3/12: Referee Stacey Hardin's crew; Louisiana Tech Bulldogs OL Oscar Johnson (personal foul; NCAAF).
11/3/12: Referee Nic Leduc; Toronto Marlies D Mark Fraser for abuse of officials (unsportsmanlike; AHL).
11/3/12: Referees Qualls/Joseph/Tritt; High Point Panthers' Adam Weary, John Brown (2-t/fight, NCAAB).
11/3/12: 1B Umpire David Arrieta ejected Leones del Caracas CF Darren Ford (out; VL).
11/3/12: Referee Dave Lewis; Albany Devils D Matthew Corrente (instigator last 5:00 gm; AHL).
11/3/12: Referees Shaun Davis/Jarrod Ragusin; Lake Erie Monsters' LW Bordeleau (fight/USC gm; AHL).
11/3/12: Referees Davis/Ragusin; Rockford IceHogs' Bollig/Brookbank/Shaw (related to above fight; AHL).
11/3/12: Referee Jair Marrufo; DC United M Andy Najar (throwing ball at ref; y-y=>red card; MLS).
11/3/12: Referee C. Hall; Berthune-Cookman DB Dion Hanks (punch), Morgan State Jenkins (USC, NCAAF).
11/4/12: Referee Andy Carson; Coventry Blaze C Greg Leeb, goalie Peter Hirsch (abuse/goalie fight, EIHL).
11/4/12: Referee Sorin Stoica; Mercyhurst Lakers M Nate Stern (dangerous foul - straight red; PSAC).
11/4/12: HP Umpire Domingo Polanco; Tigres del Licey's Engel Beltre (called third strike; DL).

Baseball: AZL = Arizona Fall League, DL = Dominican League, VL = Venezuelan League.
Basketball: NCAAB = College Basketball (Pre-season).
Football: NCAAF = College Football.
Hockey: AHL = American Hockey League, EIHL = Elite Ice Hockey League.
Soccer: MLS = Major League Soccer (Playoffs), PSAC = College Soccer.

For all the latest in ejection news, follow the @SportEjections twitter account at

2012 TFFL: Day 6, Technical Fouls 036 - 037

Day 6 of the NBA season featured 5 games which produced 2 technical fouls.

036: 22 Bill Spooner, 33 Sean Corbin, 12 Violet Palmer; Knicks' Anthony. 3rd, 4:58, 68-55 NYK.
The Knicks ultimately won the contest, 100-84.

037: 13 Monty McCutchen, 26 Pat Fraher, 58 Josh Tiven; Timberwolves' Ridnour. 2nd 0:37.4, 52-45 TOR.
The Raptors ultimately won the contest, 105-86.

Notable Plays Around the League (W/ Video) / Correct QOC = Green Shade, Incorrect = Red Shade.
MIN-TOR: Barea fouled by Ross by Slot/Center Tiven. Defender reached in, grasped wrist + 1.
PHX-ORL: Aaron Afflalo attempts to draw foul, no-call. Contact initiated by offense, no effect on play.
DET-LAL: Kobe Bryant contacts defender in RA, no-call. Incidental (verticality) contact has no effect on play.

TFFL Standings Update (All named referees/officials receive one point per 'T', one bonus per 'T' ejection)
1: (10 pts) tonyjia888.
2: (9 pts) cyclone14.
3: (8 pts) wwjd220.
4: (7 pts) Niicker.
5: (6 pts) JRD, Bino, Eagle_12, Drjjuliu, Boredcravens.

PIT-NYG Forward Fumble: Defining the Recock

Referee Bill Leavy recently upheld a fumble call after consulting instant replay during the Steelers-Giants game. With 5:26 remaining in the 2nd quarter, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger attempted to pass from the Giants' 38-yard line as Giants defensive end Ositadimma "Osi" Umenyiora placed his hand and contacted Roethlisberger's throwing arm. After subsequent movement, the ball became loose and advanced to the Giants' 30-yard line, where it was recovered and returned for a touchdown by linebacker Michael Boley. After the ruling on the field, the Replay Official requested a review pursuant to NFL Rule 18-9 (Instant Replay, requiring that all scoring plays...fumbles must be reviewed). This rule requires the presence of "indisputable visual evidence" prior to reversing a decision. Most penalties, such as the uncalled infraction of clipping, are not reviewable.

During his review, Referee Leavy considered whether such evidence existed to justify reversing the ruling on the field of fumble. Rule 8-1-1-a specifies it is a forward pass if "the ball initially moves forward" or "if the passer is attempting to throw a forward pass, but contact by an opponent materially affects him, causing the ball to go backward, it is a forward pass." By this criteria alone, Leavy had ample evidence with which to overturn the ruling on the field of fumble.

However, Rule 8-1-1-c—the "recock rule"—arrested this reversal momentum. This provision specifies that if a "passer loses possession of the ball while attempting to recock his arm, it is a fumble."

Rule 3-2-7-1 (definitions) specifies that for a player to possess the ball, he is required to have "firm grip & control" of the football. Because "recock" is not defined in the NFL Rules Book, its ordinary definition is considered: "To lift; to be prepared to be triggered; to turn or twist upward or to one side."

Under the auspices of the recock rule, it appeared that after receiving contact, Roethlisberger's arm may have been lifted, turned or twisted upward or to one side in preperation of a pass. Furthermore, it is apparent that after contact, Roethlisberger may not have maintained firm grip & control of the football throughout the process of his pass attempt—including his recock.

Therefore, Rule 18-9's requirement of "indisputable visual evidence" was not satisfied, resulting in Leavy's ruling that the play on the field should stand, as opposed to a reversal (indisputable visual evidence to suggest the call was incorrect) or a confirmation (indisputable evidence to suggest the call was correct).

At the time of the upheld review, the Giants were leading, 13-10.

Wrap: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants, 11/4/12
Video: Roethlisberger sacked and fumbles, a call which stands after instant replay review

Discussions: 2012 UEFL Rules Summit

As baseball's offseason begins, the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League presents the 2012 Rules Summit. The purpose of the UEFL Rules Summit is to discuss any controversial issues which have surfaced during this past season and to set forth a framework for rectifying these issues by modifying the existing UEFL Rules Book in advance of next season.

This discussion thread is an open forum for proposing, discussing and debating potential rules changes. The 2012 Rules Summit discussion thread shall remain open for 1/2 week, which should provide ample time for the discussion of possible rules changes heading into the 2013 season.

The following matters are already on the docket for the 2012 Rules Summit, though any UEFL'er or guest may contribute an idea by replying to this thread. Modifications are identified by plaintext, while deletions are identified by italics and additions are identified by bold text. >> Indicates a proposition & vote.

Rule 1 (Selection of Umpires), Deletion, Modification or Addition.
>> Section 3 & 4-a. Abolishes/deletes the permutation restriction (mutual exclusivity) related to secondary umpires. This deletion would allow two members to draft the same combination of secondary umpires. Accordingly, if this proposition passes, Rule 2-4-b-4 and all associated provisions will be repealed. Alternately, adds a second primary umpire to form a "crew" of two primaries, two secondaries + crew chief (crew division).
>> Section 4-b-1. Deletes "In the case of a new member, he is assumed to have finished the previous season with a score of zero" and adds "New members shall draft following all returning members and in the order in which registrations have been received."

Rule 4 (League Scoring), Modification.
>> Section 2-b. Changes point structure from (-4 Incorrect, -2 Incorrect [crewmate], +1 Correct [crewmate], +2 Correct) to (+0 Incorrect, +2 Incorrect [crewmate], + 5 Correct [crewmate], + 6 Correct).

Rule 5 (Statistics), Addition.
>> Section 3. Adds three conditions to the top of "ties" so that the primary determining factor in breaking a tie is primary umpire points, the secondary determining factor is total secondary umpire points and the tertiary determining factor is crew division points.

Rule 6 (Challenges and Appeals), Modification and Addition.
>> Section 1. Adds to §6-1 the requirement that all challenges shall be accompanied by a charge of appeal (e.g., "... I appeal on the grounds that..."). Establishes that validity of challenge shall be determined by the UEFL Commissioners (in the event of a 1-1 tie, the challenge will be accepted). Alternately, adds a requirement that only league participants may challenge a ruling.
>> Section 2-b-2. Modifies Miller Rule for the sake of improving accuracy in determining vertical balls/strikes QOC; converts normalized units to feet, using sz_top, sz_bot and pz, instead of norm_ht.
>> Section 6-b-5-c. Adds throwing of equipment to Unsportsmanlike/Irrecusable status. Places the burden of proof on demonstrating the act is NEC and not concerning one specific call.
>> Section 6-b-8. Adds a section addressing ejections wherein umpiring mechanics are incorrect, though the call itself may be correct. Allows for Appeals Board review of killed plays. Known as "Scott Rule." Would authorize the elimination of QOC for this class of ejection.
>> Section 4-a-4. Adds a section clarifying that appeals board members are elected during the pre-season via plurality-at-large voting with optional sixth and seventh positions that may be elected or appointed with UOC discrection. Specifies that in the event of re-election/retention, conducted during the Rules Summit, an absolute majority vote is required for each candidate.
>> Section 4-b. Modifies language: "Upheld (Affirmed)" => "Reveresd" / "Denied" => "Affirmed."
>> Section 5-c. Adds "Pitching Change Exemption" in similar language to the existing "Post-Inning Exemption. This would add an exemption similar to the existing §6-5-d-2 for Balls/Strikes Ejections.
>> Section 5-c-3. Specifies that QOC for an irrecusable call that otherwise would have been ruled "incorrect" shall carry a one point deduction as penalty for the previously ruled incorrect call.

Rule 7 (Unresolved Classifications and References), Addition.
>> Section 2. Adds a "clear and convincing" provision in which official box score information may be overturned if evidence surfaces to suggest the box score is erroneous (e.g., umpire name, etc.).

Rule 8 (Umpire Odds & Ends and Community Issues), Addition.
>> Section 1. Deletes reference to "UEFL shall not impose a set of posting guidelines" and adds a rudimentary set of guidelines in which certain actions (name-calling) are prohibited. Additionally, >> should all commenters be required to post with a name (not anonymously)?

Appeals Board Membership: Re-Election Ballot (Click here to view 2012 Appeals Board decisions)
The following 2012 UEFL Appeals Board Members are seeking re-election via the 2012 Rules Summit.
>> Shall Albertaumpire be re-elected to the UEFL Appeals Board for the 2013 season?
>> Shall RichMSN be re-elected to the UEFL Appeals Board for the 2013 season?
>> Shall tmac be re-elected to the UEFL Appeals Board for the 2013 season?
>> Shall yawetag be re-elected to the UEFL Appeals Board for the 2013 season?

Again, this post is the discussion phase of the UEFL Rules Summit and will remain active through 11/4, after which proposals will be officially drafted and voting will commence. Please do not vote in this thread.