Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Teachable - Whitson's Haywire Hot Corner Tag

Chad Whitson, new to the MLB full-time staff, showed his mettle during a White Sox-Angels Teachable in Anaheim. Tmac breaks down the 3B Umpire's haywire play at third base in which Whitson gets knocked down, only to get back up again and rule on the sliding runner at the hot corner.

With a runner on second and none out, Whitson anticipates a tag-up situation and potential play at third base on a fly ball to Angels center fielder Mike Trout.

As Trout's throw arrives at the glove of third baseman Matt Thaiss, Whitson moves into foul territory on the home plate side and behind third base, having read White Sox baserunner R2 James McCann's slide to the home plate side of third base, thus giving himself a keyhole angle to see this leading edge of the bag.

Even on ground, Whitson keeps his angle.
As McCann's hook slide veers past third base, the runner inadvertently trips up the umpire, who scrambles back toward the foul line as the runner overslides the base: the keyhole angle now concerns the edge of third base facing foul territory and Whitson adjusts his position to see the best of his ability.

Although McCann's trip momentarily stumbles Whitson, he does his best to stay on the foul line just in time to observe the runner's diving effort into the gloved arm of the fielder, ruling the runner out on the tag in a call affirmed via Replay Review following Chicago manager Rick Renteria's challenge.

This play serves as a reminder to stay engaged with the play—even when things go sideways—and find a way to observe and confidently call the action. By calmly adhering to angle and position adjust principles, an umpire can put him or herself into the best position possible, all things considered, to see a play, even if the most optimal angle is sacrificed due to an unexpected circumstance.

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