Friday, October 17, 2014

Roster: 2014 World Series Umpires

The umpire assignments for MLB's World Series are now available. MLB has not yet issued its official press release; however the Associated Press has confirmed our rumor posting.

The World Series Umpiring Crew is listed in its Game 1 configuration. Overall, the World Series crew features four regular season crew chiefs and four first-timers, the most since the 1996 World Series. Five of the seven umpires chosen for this crew scored better than the league average in Replay Review Affirmation Rate (RAP); the second-best performing umpire in Replay eligible for the World Series received the assignment.

World Series (WS) - San Francisco Giants (NL) vs. Kansas City Royals (AL) - Game 1 Config.
HP: Jerry Meals* (2 Previous + 4 World Series = 6) [T-34th/8th: .556, 10/18] (Games 1-2, then Replay).
1B: Eric Cooper (6 Previous + 4 World Series = 10) [T-11th/4th: .700, 7/10].
2B: Jim Reynolds (9 Previous + 4 World Series = 13) [T-15th/T-5th: .667, 14/21].
3B: Ted Barrett* (14 Previous + 4 World Series = 18) [57th/13th: .455, 10/22].
LF: Hunter Wendelstedt (19 Previous + 4 World Series = 23) [4th/2nd: .846, 11/13].
RF: Jeff Kellogg* -cc (15 Previous + 4 World Series + 1 Crew Chief Assignment Bonus = 20) [T-43rd/10th, .500].
Replay: Jeff Nelson* (22 Previous + 4 World Series = 26) [T-38th/9th: .533, 8/15] (Games 1-2, then LF).
Replay Assistant: Brian O'Nora.

Crew Chosen by You via UEFL Poll: Dale Scott -cc, Ted Barrett, Jim Wolf, Hunter WendelstedtJeff Nelson, Jeff Kellogg, Chris Guccione. 4/7 Correct Predictions. (Chris Guccione was the #1 Replay Umpire in 2014).

-cc denotes Crew Chief, *asterisk denotes regular season Crew Chief, BOLD TEXT denotes first WS assignment. Instant Replay Review scores listed in [League Rank/League Rank of Umpires Eligible for World Series who Worked Division Series: RAP, Affirmed/Total Chances] following points. Per UEFL Rule 4-3-c, all umpires selected to appear in the World Series shall receive four bonus points for this appearance; crew chief shall receive one additional bonus point for this role (five points total). Note that the WS Replay Assistant does not receive additional points for this role.

UEFL Year End Award Nominations: 2014 Season

Award Nominations: As the 2014 season draws to a close, the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League prepares to distribute its Postseason Awards to eligible umpires* who, during the past season, have demonstrated significant performances to fit the terms of one of these awards (UEFL Rule 4-4).

a. Umpire of the Year (min. 1 / max. 1 umpire)
b. Noteworthy Umpire of the Year (min. 1 / max. 2 umpires)
c. Honorable Umpire of the Year (min. 0 / max. 2 umpires)
d. Fill-In Umpire of the Year (min. 0 / max. 1 umpire)
e. Most Improved Umpire of the Year (min. 0 / max. 1 umpire)
f. Crew Chief of the Year (min. 0 / max. 1 umpire)
g. Best Ejection of the Year (min. 0 / max. 2 ejections) [Link: 2014 MLB Ejections (UEFL Portal)]
h. Worst Umpire of the Year (min. 0 / max. 1 umpire)

Please take your time in consideration of an umpire for as many or as few awards as you prefer; Ballots will be accepted until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, November 2; Awards distribution will begin Monday, November 3. To cast your ballot, click the below link ("Read more »") to view the entire post and to access the voting form.
Points scale for post season awards: a. (+5); b. (+3); c. (+2); d. (+2); e. (+1); f. (+1); g. (+1); h. (-3).
*Eligible umpires are listed on the ballot for each applicable category. For instance, only umpires on the full-time staff roster are eligible for Awards a-c, e and h.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Discussion: 2014 AL, NL Championship Series

As the 2014 AL and NL Championship Series get underway, we again open the umpire forum to discussion. Notes include home plate umpire performance according to pitch f/x and UEFL Rules 6-2-b-a (horizontal bound, "Kulpa Rule") and 6-2-b-b (vertical strike zone, "Miller Rule"). Plays include significant plays and instant replay reviews, if such plays occur. For future games, notes include home plate umpire probables. Call +/- also included/highlighted.

- 10/10, KC@BAL 1: HP Umpire Tim Timmons: pfx (132/136 Balls, 41/47 Strikes = 173/183 = 94.5%) +0 NU.

- 10/11, KC@BAL 2: HP Umpire Marvin Hudson: pfx (106/108 B, 44/51 S = 150/159 = 94.3%) +1 BAL.
- 10/11, SF@STL 1: HP Umpire Phil Cuzzi: pfx (100/102 B, 40/44 S = 140/146 = 95.9%) +2 STL.

- 10/12, SF@STL 2: HP Umpire Bill Welke: pfx (117/118 B, 35/42 S = 152/160 = 95.0%) +0 Neutral.

- 10/14, STL@SF 3: HP Umpire Gerry Davis: pfx (75/75 B, 34/46 S = 109/121 = 90.1%) +2 SF.
- 10/14, BAL@KC 3: HP Umpire Joe West: pfx (76/80 B, 37/43 S = 113/123 = 91.9%) +2 BAL.

- 10/15, BAL@KC 4: HP Umpire Ron Kulpa: pfx (94/94 B, 35/40 S = 129/134 = 96.3%) +3 KC.
- 10/15, STL@SF 4: HP Umpire Mark Carlson: pfx (116/117 B, 44/51 S = 160/168 = 95.2%) +2 SF.
Series Complete: ALCS Royals defeat Orioles (4-0), net advantage Neutral, +0 pitches (-).

- 10/16, STL@SF 5: HP Umpire Greg Gibson: pfx (82/82 B, 31/33 S = 113/115 = 98.3%) +0 NU.
Series Complete: NLCS Giants defeat Cardinals (4-1), net advantage Giants, +2 pitches (won series).

Instant Replay Reviews (R-QOC Coloring: Green [Confirmed], Yellow [Stands], Red [Overturned]):
1) 1B Umpire Bill Welke's out call at first base is confirmed by Replay Official Paul Emmel
2) 2B Umpire Bill Miller's safe call on Pence's steal attempt is confirmed by Replay Official Phil Cuzzi

Other Plays (Green [Correct], Yellow [Irrecusable or Inconclusive] or Red [Incorrect]):
- KC@BAL 1: 2B Umpire Joe West calls Cain safe on hustle double in the 5th inning
- KC@BAL 1: 2B Umpire Joe West stays with the play to rule Dyson out for breaking contact with the bag
- KC@BAL 1: HP Umpire Tim Timmons rules Hundley kept his foot on the plate for a 9th inning out
- KC@BAL 2: 2B Umpire Ron Kulpa confirms Jones' diving catch for an early out; Yost ops not to challenge
- KC@BAL 2: 1B Umpire Joe West's safe call gives Cain an infield single, Showalter doesn't challenge
- KC@BAL 2: 2B Umpire Ron Kulpa completes the caught stealing with out call at second base
- KC@BAL 2: 1B Umpire Joe West rules Herrera missed the tag of first base in the 7th
- SF@STL 1: RF Umpire Bill Miller finds Grichuk did not have control & voluntary release of fly ball
- SF@STL 1: Umpires Cuzzi, B Welke, Davis and Carlson no-balk MadBum's peculiar move off the mound
- SF@STL 2: 1B Umpire Gerry Davis calls Pence out at first as Bochy decides not to challenge
- BAL@KC 4: 1B Umpire Mark Wegner calls Cain out on close play at first base
- STL@SF 4: 2B Umpire Bill Miller rules Carpenter safe on ground ball double to right field
- STL@SF 4: HP Umpire Mark Carlson rules Ishikawa guilty of unintentional backswing interference
- STL@SF 5: 2B Umpire Paul Emmel nails Sandoval for a double play at second base

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rosters: Winter League Umpires (Incl Arizona Fall League)

The following umpires have appeared in the 2014 MLB Winter Leagues, including the Arizona Fall League:

Arizona Fall League
Blakney, Ryan* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Davis, Blake* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Fazio, Ian* (AAA: International League)
Goodman, Ryan* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Honec, Tom* (AAA: International League)
Lampe, Shaun* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Lentz, Nick* (AAA: International League)
Mollica, Derek* (AAA: International League)
Soucy, David* (AAA: International League)
Stanzak, Greg* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Torres, Carlos* (AAA: International League)
Vines, Doug* (AAA: International League)

Venezuelan Winter League (Liga Venezuela Beisbol Profesional)
Alfonzo, Gabrial
Arrieta, David* (A-Advanced: Florida State League), resides in Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Biarreta, Jhonatan
Eggert, Travis* (AA: Texas League & AAA: PCL [Promoted upon Wolcott's promotion to MLB])
Gonzalez, Chris* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
January, Javerro "J.J."* (AA: Southern League)
Jimenez, Emil
Leal, Carlos
Mahrley, Nick* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Martinez, Jairo
Moreno, Robert (AA: Eastern League)
Moscoso, Edwin* (Rookie: Gulf Coast League), resides in Venezuela
Navas, Jose
Parra, Jonathan* (Rookie: Gulf Coast League), resides in Venezuela
Pimentel, Osmel
Whitson, Chad* (AAA: International League)
White, Nate* (AA: Texas League)

Mexican-Pacific Winter League (Liga Mexicana del Pacifico)
Araiza, Manuel
Dominguez, Ulises
Favela, Eliseo
Fernandez, Jair (World Baseball Classic, 2013)
Gutierrez, Jaime
Hernandez, Demian
La Madrid, Roberto
Lopez, Jesus
Lopez, Orlando
Madero, Vicente
Marin, Oscar
Nava, Marco
Romero, Felipe
Rubio, Daniel
Soto, Pablo
Vargas, Jose

Australia Baseball League (Thank you to AussieUmp)
Barnes, Barry
Barrington, Riley
Bell, Andrew
Bonomi, Lou
Bowie, Peter
Box, Phillip
Crawford, Bob
Cumming, Michael
Dunn, Geoff
Halligan, Blake
Harder, Ryan
Howard, Greg
Howe, Stuart
Kent, Greg
Latta, Paul
Lyons, Michael
Mackay, Mal (2014 MLB Opening Series)
Mason, Richard
Matsuda, Takahito* (A: South Atlantic League)
Pearson, Matthew
Poulton, Neil (World Baseball Classic, 2006)
Robson, Brett (2014 MLB Opening Series)
Shields, James
Taylor, Jordan
Thomas, Trent (2014 MLB Opening Series)
West, Tom* (A-Short Season: Northwest League)
Wilson, Mark

Dominican Winter League (Liga de Beisbol Dominicano)
Castillo, Santo
Ferrer, Ramon
Gibson, Tripp* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Teague, Ron (AA: Texas League)
Tejada, Felix
Woodring, Tom* (AAA: Pacific Coast League)
Vizcaino, Mariano

Puerto Rico League (Liga de Beisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente)
Roster Not Yet Announced

*Indicates an active Minor League Baseball Umpire (2014 season league in parentheses). MiLB officials are invited to work winter leagues for further evaluation and observation by PBUC (AA and below) and MLB (AAA) umpiring department staff for promotion and utilization consideration. For instance, many active full-time MLB umpires previously worked the Arizona Fall League enroute to their call-up and eventual permanent MLBU status.

Note that in the case of the Caribbean and Latin American leagues (and the Australian Baseball League), local umpires comprise a portion of the staff.