Saturday, November 8, 2014

2014 UEFL Rules Summit: Discussion

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces its 2014 Rules Summit, a postseason forum with a purpose of discussing any controversial issues which have surfaced during the past season and to set forth a framework for rectifying these issues by altering the existing UEFL Rules Book in advance of the 2015 UEFL season.

This discussion thread is an open forum for the proposal, discussion and debate of potential rules changes. This thread will remain open through Friday, November 14, which will provide ample time for the proposal and subsequent discussion of possible rules changes for the 2015 season. If necessitated by certain below decisions, a Summit runoff ballot may be presented after the initial voting closes.

The following matters are presently on docket for 2014 Rules Summit consideration. Any UEFL'er or guest may contribute an idea by replying to this thread; in turn, the following list will be updated to reflect the added item(s). Proposed rules modifications or changes are identified by italics, deletions by strikeout and additions by bold text. Editorial changes underlined. Individual propositions are identified by the ">>" symbol.

Rule 1 (Selection of Umpires).
>> Section 3 amended as follows: "...each member of the league shall select two umpires one umpire..." Section 4 shall be amended as follows: "...shall select two additional umpires one additional umpire." Proposal would decrease # of drafted umpires from 1 cc + 2 PRM + 2 SEC to 1 cc + 1 PRM + 1 SEC.

Rule 2 (The Season).

Rule 3 (Crew Division).

Rule 4 (League Scoring).
>> Section 7. Eliminates Section "Replay Challenges and Reviews." Proposal would eliminate all points from Replay Review and return to scoring of *just* ejections.

Rule 5 (Statistics).

Rule 6 (Challenges and Appeals).
>> Section 2-b-5. Adds phrase: "The Quality of Correctness for all reasons of Fighting, Throwing At, Unsportsmanlike Conduct-NEC, arguing a Replay Review decision or Excess Contact shall be judged as "Irrecusable" by default..."
>> Section 2-b-5-c. Adds provision: "Ejections exclusively concerning the call of check swing (ball or strike) shall be referred to the UEFL Appeals Board for a vote of Confirm/Uphold (QOC Correct) or Overturn (QOC Incorrect). Because no Original Ruling will be crafted in the case of a check swing, the Board's ruling will determine Quality of Correctness, which may not be appealed."
>> Section 2-b-8. Adds provision: "Quality of Correctness for Replay Reviews shall be determined by the UEFL independent of the outcome of the Replay Review."
>>>>> Note: This would require the following editorial changes: Rule 4-7-a: "Calls affirmed or upheld as correct or inconclusive Correct/Inconclusive calls will result in the addition of one (1) point." 4-7-b: "Calls overturned or found to be incorrect will result in the application of negative one (-1) points."
>> Section 2-c-a amended as follows: "...after umpire consultation and calls that stand after or instant replay challenge shall revert to whichever umpire would have had primary responsibility (calling) had the consultation or challenge not occurred." Section 2-c-b amended as follows: "All classifications in regards to calls that are confirmed or overturned after instant replay review shall revert to reflect the crew chief replay official as the calling umpire, such that any on-field ejection that results shall be a crewmate ejection."
>> Section 4-a-3 amended as follows: "[Appeals Board] At-large terms shall be limited to one year three years in length with no term limits."

Rule 7 (Unresolved Classifications and References).

Rule 8 (Umpire Odds & Ends and Community Issues).
>> Section 3. Adds section requiring entrance fee. If passed, terms determined via runoff ballot.

Rule 9 (Unaddressed and Authorized Provisions).

Appeals Board Membership: Re-Election Ballot (Click here to view 2014 Appeals Board decisions)
The following 2014 UEFL Appeals Board Members are seeking re-election via the 2014 Rules Summit.
>> This section will be completed in advance of Rules Summit voting.

Again, this is the discussion phase of the 2014 UEFL Rules Summit and will remain active through 11/14, after which proposals will be officially drafted and voting will commence. Please do not vote in this thread.

Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 UEFL Awards: Umpire of the Year: Ted Barrett

2014 UEFL Awards: Umpire of the Year: Ted Barrett (65) [2013 Winner: Jim Joyce]
Voting Results (min. 10%): Ted Barrett (11%), Greg Gibson (10%).

MLB Umpire Ted Barrett
In his 18th MLB season, Ted Barrett concluded 2014 with four ejections (089: Ron Washington, 095: Kirk Gibson, 096: Evan Marshall, 136: Ron Gardenhire) and was 10-for-22 (.455 RAP) in Replay Review. with one UEFL'er describing Barrett as "MLB's most underrated umpire, while simultaneously being among the league's best." Barrett's 2014 Division and World Series appearances marked his 10th straight postseason (he last missed the playoffs in 2004, but worked the Division Series annually from 2000-2003), and his third Fall Classic overall (2007, 2011). Barrett's three years between World Series is the shortest span between two such appearances since Crew Chief Jeff Kellogg worked the Fall Classic in 2008 and 2010, and matches the 2009/12 and 2010/13 splits by Gerry Davis and John Hirschbeck, respectively. Barrett also won the 2014 Honorable Umpire and Crew Chief of the Year Awards, which marks the first time in UEFL history that an umpire has won the "Triple Crown" of postseason awards.

Ted Barrett now has 26 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (21 Previous + 5 Award = 26).

With the final award in the books, the UEFL announces the final standings for the 2014 UEFL season.
The "Perfect Score" this season was 162. Perfect score is calculated using the highest points possible per category (32 [Miller -cc] + 36 [Carapazza] + 30 [Bellino] + 23 [Guccione] + 22 [T Barrett] + 19 CP/Props = 162 Total Points). Accordingly, the "Perfect Crew" was comprised of Bill Miller (crew chief), Vic Carapazza (primary #1), Dan Bellino (primary #2), Chris Guccione (secondary #1) and Ted Barrett (secondary #2).

UEFL Final Standings
1) Russ (102 pts)
2) Fikester (101 pts)
3) AlwaysOsinski (99 pts)
4) BkSl14812, flaump22, Tom Slick (96 pts)
7) toss 'em (94 pts)
8) CricketChapman (91 pts)
9) BigCatch22, dmcneeley, eastern36, youthministeradam (86 pts)
13) jdphenicie (83 pts)
14) johnnyg08 (80 pts)
15) DNS67665 (78 pts)
16) UmpAtty (77 pts)
17) JRD, thejaigner (73 pts)
19) brettjwhaley, johnnyd8833 (71 pts)

UEFL Express Final Standings
1) Tom Slick (96 pts)
2) youthministeradam (86 pts)
3) jdphenicie (83 pts)
4) johnnyg08 (80 pts)
5) hohnforpresident (60 pts)
6) JJBilinski, wwjd220 (57 pts)
8) kickersrule (56 pts)
9) Krwill96 (55 pts)
10) QuickTrigger3 (52 pts)

The Rules Summit will begin tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 Ejections of the Year: Joe West & Mike Winters

2014 UEFL Awards: Ejections of the Year: Joe West, Mike Winters (Ejection: [189], [137])
Voting Results (min. 10%): Joe West-189 (18%), Mike Winters-137 (14%), Andy Fletcher-119 (10%).

Umpire Joe West ejects Jonathan Papelbon
Ejection 189: Joe West (3; Jonathan Papelbon); On September 14 in Philadelphia, 2B Umpire Joe West ejected Phillies pitcher Jonathan Papelbon for a lewd gesture made while Papelbon was leaving the field during a pitching change. Replays indicate the existence of an obscene gesture, which MLB Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations Joe Torre confirmed was "appropriately" disciplined by West with expulsion from the game. After the ejection, Papelbon confronted West, who in turn appeared to grab Papelbon's jersey to brush the player aside as West continued walking from the first base area back to his position in shallow center field. MLB reacted to the incident by suspending Joe West one game for initiating physical contact with a player. Joe West previously won the UEFL's 2013 Ejection of the Year Award.

Umpire Mike Winters ejects Mike Remond
Ejection 137: Mike Winters (1; Mike Redmond); On July 31 in Miami, HP Umpire Mike Winters ejected Marlins Manager Mike Redmond for arguing a Replay Review decision that overturned Winters' Rule 7.13 violation no-call (out), resulting in the tying run being awarded to the visiting Reds. Following Redmond's prompt dismissal, the catcher-turned-manager untucked his jersey, threw his cap and animatedly argued New York's ruling. UEFL'ers observed during the review that Winters appeared "beyond aggravated on the headset. He goes out and tells Redmond, 'that's bullshit,' then hands the ball to F1 and says, 'I agree, as well.'"

Joe West now has 17 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (16 Previous + 1 Award = 17).
Mike Winters now has 8 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (7 Previous + 1 Award = 8).

The final postseason award, Umpire of the Year, will be released tomorrow.

UEFL Awards: Noteworthy Umps: Carapazza, Hernandez

2014 UEFL Awards: Noteworthy Umps: Vic Carapazza, Angel Hernandez (19, 55) [2013: Wegner/Iassogna]
Voting Results (min. 10%): Carapazza (12%), Hernandez (12%), Alan Porter (11%), Chris Guccione (10%).

MLB Umpire Vic Carapazza
In his 4th MLB season, Vic Carapazza finished the year with seven ejections (5 regular season; 038: Mike Maddux099-100: Alex Rios & Michael Choice112: Kevin Seitzer160: David Ross + 2 postseason; P-1|2: Asdrubal Cabrera & Matt Williams). In Replay Reviews, Carapazza was 15-for-18 (.833 RAP), good enough for fifth-best in the league ahead of Mike Estabrook and behind Hunter Wendelstedt. Carapazza worked the 2014 All-Star Game and the 2014 National League Division Series (both his first). UEFL'ers praised Carapazza for moving well to secure angles and his patience in situation handling. Wrote one, "was somewhat skeptical about his preparedness for MLB, but he's turned out to be doing just fine."

Umpire Angel Hernandez
In his 22nd MLB season, Angel Hernandez concluded 2014 with three ejections (020: Matt Kemp058: Anthony Recker118: Jean Machi). In Replay Reviews, Hernandez was nine-for-20 (.450 RAP), or 58th place, ahead of CB Bucknor and behind Ted Barrett. In Award co-recepient Vic Carapazza's August ejection of David Ross, Hernandez joined Crew Chief Larry Vanover and took the lead by restraining Ross from following Carapazza, who was walking away. UEFL'ers also praised Hernandez for his actions during Ejections 058-060 in helping calm a bench clearing incident by removing instigator Yunel Escobar from the fighting situation. Hernandez was also involved in the June bench-clearing (Ejections 080-081) in Baltimore after Manny Machado threw his bat toward third base, where U3 Hernandez stopped the projectile with his foot. Hernandez received the UEFL's Noteworthy Umpire of the Year Award in 2012.

Vic Carapazza now has 36 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (33 Previous + 3 Award = 36).
Angel Hernandez now has 1 point in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (-2 Previous + 3 Award = 1).

The next postseason award, Ejection(s) of the Year, will be released tonight.

2014 UEFL Awards: Honorable: J Hirschbeck, T Barrett

2014 UEFL Awards: Honorable Umpires: John Hirschbeck & Ted Barrett (17, 65) [2013: Bell/Barrett]
Voting Results (min. 10%): John Hirschbeck (15%), Ted Barrett (10%).

Umpire John Hirschbeck
In his 31st MLB season, Hirschbeck suffered the loss of his second son, who passed away at the age of 27. In 1993, Hirschbeck's other son died of complications of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare brain disease. Hirschbeck is a cancer survivor, having seen a remission from testicular cancer episodes in 2009 and 2012. Prior to his April departure from the field, Hirschbeck had his only challenged play confirmed by Replay Review, making him the only MLB umpire to have a perfect replay record in 2014. Hirschbeck returned to baseball in late September, working from New York's Replay Operations Center, but did not return to the playing field. Hirschbeck previously won the UEFL's 2013 Crew Chief of the Year Award, a season in which Hirschbeck served as crew chief for his third All-Star Game and the 2013 World Series (his fourth Fall Classic).

Umpire Ted Barrett
Prior to his 18th MLB season, Barrett, along with Mexico native Alfonso Marquez, travelled to Mexico, as they do every year prior to spring training, to develop Mexican League umpires and for children who are lacking clothing and other necessities ("Fonzie's Kids"). Marquez was the UEFL's Honorable Umpire of the Year in 2011 whereas Barrett was a UEFL Honorable Umpire of the Year in 2013 (Barrett also won the Award in 2012, making 2014 his third-straight Honorable Umpire of the Year Award win). A founder of the baseball-themed ministry Calling for Christ, a ministry for professional baseball umpires, Associate Pastor Barrett holds a Pastoral Ministry PhD in theology from Trinity Theological Seminary and also won the 2014 UEFL Crew Chief of the Year Award. He is the only active umpire to serve as a pastor for the ministry. Chris Guccione, Rob Drake, Mike Everitt, Marvin Hudson and Alfonso Marquez round out the group's Board.

John Hirschbeck now has 3 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (1 Previous + 2 Award = 3).
Ted Barrett now has 21 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (19 Previous + 2 Award = 21).

The next postseason award, Noteworthy Umpire(s) of the Year, will be released later today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 UEFL Awards: Crew Chief of Year: Ted Barrett

2014 UEFL Awards: Crew Chief of the Year: Ted Barrett (65) [2013 Winner: John Hirschbeck]
Voting Results (min. 10%): Ted Barrett (21%), Dale Scott (12%), Joe West (12%).

MLB Umpire Ted Barrett
Ted Barrett is the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2014 crew chief of the year. In his 18th MLB season, Barrett finished 2014 with four ejections (089: Ron Washington095: Kirk Gibson096: Evan Marshall136: Ron Gardenhire), three of which (089, 095, 136) were ejections for arguing Replay Review decisions concerning a crewmate's call. Regarding Replay Review, Barrett was 10-for-22 (.455 RAP). Both Barrett and crewmate Paul Schrieber made the 2014 postseason (Alfonso Marquez was not eligible due to having worked too few games; Will Little for being a fill-in), which marked Schrieber's first postseason since 2001. UEFL'ers praised Barrett for "being among the league's best," noting Barrett's selection to the World Series crew relatively soon after his 2011 assignment and 2013 promotion to regular season crew chief. Specifically, Barrett "cares for his crew & not just himself," and in doing so, "signified everything that a Crew Chief should."

Ted Barrett now has 19 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (18 Previous + 1 Award = 19).
The next postseason award, Honorable Umpire(s) of the Year, will be released later tonight.

2014 UEFL Awards: Fill-In of the Year: Tripp Gibson

2014 UEFL Awards: Fill-In Umpire of the Year: Tripp Gibson (73) [2013 Winner: Clint Fagan]
Voting Results (min. 10%): Gibson (27%), Will Little (18%), Adam Hamari (12%), John Tumpane (10%).

Umpire Tripp Gibson
Hal "Tripp" Gibson III is the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2014 fill-in (AAA) umpire of the year. In his second Major League Baseball fill-in umpiring season (first full), Gibson finished 2014 with one ejection, Ejection 092: Tripp Gibson (1; Josh Donaldson). Gibson finished the year 10-for-18 in Replay Reviews for a .556 Replay Affirmation Percentage, tied with Tom Hallion and Jerry Meals and ahead of the league average by .031 points. Gibson led all call-up and full-time MLB umpires in games worked in 2014 with 149 games, ahead of Mark Ripperger's 142 and Will Little's 141. UEFL'ers predict Gibson is a leading candidate for off-season hiring to the MLBU staff, nominating Gibson for the Fill-In Umpire of the Year Award based on his "awesome mechanics" and an on-field presence that "commanded respect," handling arguments "like a tenured veteran."

Tripp Gibson now has 9 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (7 Previous + 2 Award = 9).
The next postseason award, Crew Chief of the Year, will be released later today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 UEFL Awards: Most Improved Umpire: CB Bucknor

2014 UEFL Awards: Most Improved Umpire: CB Bucknor (54) [2013 Winner: CB Bucknor]
Voting Results (min. 10%): CB Bucknor (24%), Alan Porter (11%), Bob Davidson (10%).

Umpire CB Bucknor
CB Bucknor is the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2014 most improved umpire of the year, which marks his second consecutive season receiving this award. In his 16th Major League Baseball umpiring season, Bucknor finished 2014 with one ejection; Bucknor ejected four times in 2013. Bucknor's 2014 ejection concerned a correctly ruled strike three call in Boston (Ejection 149: Bucknor [1, Mike Napoli]). In Replay Review, Bucknor finished eight-for-eighteen for a RAP of .444, which includes our overturned comic relief replay of the year when CB fell down on a stolen base attempt in Milwaukee. UEFL'ers described Bucknor as having "grown" over the past few seasons while complimenting his crisp mechanics. During the postseason, Bucknor served on baseball's inaugural Division Series replay crew.

CB Bucknor now has 15 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (2 Previous + 1 Award = 3).
The next postseason award, Fill-In of the Year, will be released tomorrow.

2014 UEFL Awards: Worst Umpire of Year: Tim Welke

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces its postseason awards schedule, beginning with the Worst Umpire of the Year, below, and continuing with Most Improved Umpire, Fill-In, Crew Chief, Honorable, Noteworthy, Ejection(s) of the Year and concluding with Umpire of the Year. 157 total ballots were cast during this year's nominations process.

Pursuant to UEFL Rule 4-4, the postseason Awards distribution now begins with Worst Umpire of the Year.

2014 UEFL Awards: Worst Umpire of the Year: Tim Welke (22) [2013 Winner: Marty Foster]
Voting Results (min. 10%): Tim Welke (14%), Angel Hernandez (13%).

Umpire Tim Welke
Tim Welke is the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2014 Worst Umpire of the Year. In his 31st Major League Baseball umpiring season, Welke finished 2014 with zero ejections; Welke ejected zero times in 2013 and once in 2012. Welke finished baseball's inaugural season of Replay Review with a .353 Review Affirmation Percentage—11 of his 17 challenged plays were overturned. Early on in the season, Welke served as crew chief for the 2014 Opening Series in Sydney, Australia and officiated his 4,000th MLB game in early April. Welke also was the first plate umpire to have an out call overturned on the auspices of experimental Rule 7.13 regarding catchers blocking home plate and was one of the first umpires to have two of his calls overturned during the same game, on May 1. , UEFL'ers described Welke as declining: "how the once mighty have fallen" and "Enrico Palazzo was better." Several voters pointed to Welke's deficiency as a crew chief, referencing Ejections 101-102: Mark Carlson (2, 3) in Washington, DC. After HP Umpire Carlson ejected a batter for arguing 1B Umpire Welke's check swing call, "Welke stayed at his position at first base and did nothing to help Carlson out." During Carlson's second ejection, Welke likewise remained at first base while MiLB fill-in Clint Fagan walked down to assist: "It just makes Welke look incompetent as a CC."

Tim Welke now has -8 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (-5 Previous + -3 Award = -8).
The next postseason award, Most Improved Umpire of the Year, will be released later tonight.