Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFL, Referees End Lockout, Reach Deal in Time for Week 4

The NFL and the National Football Referees Association reached a deal Wednesday to end the summer-long lockout during which professional officials were replaced by those from the sub-Division I college ranks or other similar leagues.

The Deal: Valid through the 2019 season, current officials will be grandfathered into the current benefit pension plan through 2016 or until the official reaches 20 years of NFL service, at which point the plan will freeze.

New Retirement Plan: For all new hires and begining in 2017 for those grandfathered in, the league will contribute an average of $18,000 annually per official ($23,000 in 2019) and will partially match any additional the official makes to his 401(k) account.

Compensation: Officials will earn an average of $173,000 per year beginning in 2013, reaching $205,000 by 2019. By comparison, in 2011, officials earned an average of $149,000 annually.

Employment Status: Beginning in 2013, the NFL will have the option to hire a portion of NFLRA officials on a full-time basis. These full-timers may be called upon to execute duties other than on-field obligations.

Growing the Pool: The NFL may also retain additional officials for training and development purposes.

Referee Ed Hochuli, speaking with, explained he had put together 18 extensive rules tests, video sessions and conference calls with other NFLRA officials during the lockout period so the professionals would be ready to hit the ground running upon the lifting of the lockout: "As soon as I heard the rumors, I got down on the floor and started doing pushups," said Hochuli.

Neither side stated whether a series of high-profile controversial calls, such as Monday Night Football's Seahawks-Packers End-of-Game sequence, played a role in finalizing the deal at this time.
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News: NFL, NFLRA reach eight-year agreement


Mike said...

Wow.. I want to make $149k for a part-time job! And it's the NFL who was holding out?

Anonymous said...

Illinois DB ejected after helmet to helmet hit against Penn State

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