Sunday, November 25, 2012

NFL Ejections: John Parry's Crew (1)

Referee John Parry's crew ejected New Orleans Saints Broderick Bunkley for a personal foul (unneccessary roughness) in the 4th quarter of the 49ers-Saints game. With 1:13 remaining in the 4th quarter, 49ers kicker David Akers' field goal attempt was blocked and recovered by Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins. After the play, Bunkley appeared to kick 49ers offensive tackle Alex Boone in the head, resulting in his immediate disqualification from the remainder of the game. At the time of the ejection, the 49ers were leading, 31-21. The 49ers ultimately won the contest, 31-21.

Wrap: San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints, 11/25/12
Video: Bunkley kicks his opponent, is summarily ejected for this flagrant act


Jack said...

What POS move. What is he, the new Suh? You don't kick a guy in the helmet. What a piece of trash. If it was up to me, I'd get one of those police officers in the stands to come down and arrest the guy for aggravated assault! Oh that's right, nearly half of the entire NFL has already been arrested for crimes and gotten off scott free anyway.

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