Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 Replay Review All-Stars - As Ranked by RAP

As the All-Star Break looms, here are the umpires with greatest Replay Review accuracy for the first half of the 2016 season. We call them the "Replay Review All-Stars" for the reason that their placement on this fictional ASG crew is solely based on their accuracy in Replay Reviews during the season's first half.

The math: We selected the League's top eight umpires, as ranked by Replay Affirmation Percentage (RAP), to fill six on-field and two off-field positions and roles for the Replay Review All-Star Crew. The selection criteria is as follows: 1) All umpires selected to the Crew must be full-time MLB at the time of selection; 2) The umpire assigned to home plate must be a full-time regular season crew chief; 3) Replay sample size must be at least three.

2016 Replay Review All-Star Umpire Crew:
HP: Tom Hallion -cc (4th overall, .889)
1B: David Rackley, 1.000 (4/4).
2B: Scott Barry, 1.000 (3/3).
3B: Quinn Wolcott, .900 (9/10).
LF: DJ Reyburn, .750 (9/12).
RF: Jerry Layne, .750 (6/8).
Replay Official: Dana DeMuth, .714 (5/7).
Replay Assistant: Ted Barrett, .700 (7/10).
*Adam Hamari (.714) & Carlos Torres (.700) did not qualify, pursuant to criterion (1) re: AAA/MLB status.

A final note: This is, obviously, not the 2016 All-Star GAME crew. That roster is yet to come; stay tuned!


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