Monday, May 23, 2022

Teachable - Expect the Unexpected on Texas Torpedo

After wild throws flew into both the right and left field walls in foul territory behind first and third base during Corpus Cristi's Friday night victory over Frisco in Double-A's Texas League, we revisited the umpire crew of three's task to officiate such a broken play.

Play: Leading off the bottom of the 1st inning, Frisco RoughRiders batter Jonathan Ornelas hit a line drive to left field, where CC Hooks left fielder Wilyer Abreu fielded the ball on a bounce. Abreu then threw to...second base? an attempt to hold Ornelas to a single, but overthrew his target, Abreu's throw launching itself all the way to the right field wall in foul territory near the field's tarp. First baseman Luke Berryhill retrieved the ball and then threw wildly past third base and to the left field wall in foul territory as Ornelas circled the bases for a single + three-base pair of errors.

In this quick Teachable, tmac reminds umpires to expect the unexpected and follows the paths and calls of 1B Umpire Harrison Silverman and 3B Umpire Willie Traynor, who both rule their respective overthrows alive and in play by giving the safe mechanic, signaling that the ball remained on the playing field and did not fall out of play (note that HP Umpire Tanner Dobson was likely screened from seeing the overthrow beyond the bases).

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the wild overthrow errors (CCS)


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