Friday, June 3, 2011

MLB News: Joyce off Galarraga's Games

Last season, we reported the Jim Joyce / Armando Galarraga imperfect game as Unofficial Ejections: Derryl Cousins (1, 2).
That was one year ago, on June 2, 2010, during an Indians-Tigers game that the Tigers would still go onto win, Galarraga completing the shutout and complete game. Since that moment, Joyce and Galarraga have had a unique relationship: they exemplified the values of sportsmanship during the lineup card exchange at home plate the next day, they appeared together on the ESPY Awards show, and they authored a book together.

Major League Baseball has now confirmed that due to the co-authoring of their book, Joyce and Galarraga are considered business partners. As a result, Joyce and Galarraga will no longer meet on the regular- or post-season field as umpire and pitcher. MLB confirmed this timely decision as Joyce and Galarraga's book, Nobody's Perfect: Two Men, One Call, and a Game for Baseball History, hit the shelves just this season, just in time for the one year anniversary of the imperfect game. Citing a conflict of interest on the field, MLB spokesperson Pat Courtney confirmed the move was made to avoid "any appearance of impropriety."

Such a possible might have to wait, however, as Galarraga is currently with the AAA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, having struggled in eight starts this season, with a 3-4 record and a 5.91 ERA. over 42.2 innings pitched. It should also be noted this isn't the first time MLB has kept an umpire from working a particular player's games. Jim Joyce will join Jim Wolf in that regard. Jim Wolf is the brother of Major League pitcher Randy Wolf, and accordingly, does not plate his brother's games.



Anonymous said...

I thought they would have had that going for a while by now. I guess it's only just become public with the book coming out.

Anonymous said...

I really didn't like the fact that Joyce agreed to co-author that book. It was over with, and now it's going to be a big deal again.

John said...

Well, at least they're both set for life now.

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