Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Umpire Odds & Ends: No Hit 3

Baseball and the UEFL saw a no hitter for the third time this season (the first no hitter was by Francisco Liriano, Bruce Dreckman umpiring and the second no hitter by Justin Verlander, Jerry Meals umpiring) today, July 27, when Ted Barrett (65) umpired the plate for Los Angeles Angels pitcher Ervin Santana's first career no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians. The Indians scored an unearned run in the first after an error, stolen base, and a wild pitch, but Santana completed his no hitter with one walk and ten strike outs. Santana threw 105 pitches, 76 for strikes, but only 54 were callable pitches.

Here is a quick look at the statistics of how Ted Barrett called Ervin Santana's no hitter.

Total Pitches: 105
Callable Pitches: 54
Balls: 29
Called Strikes: 25

Correct Called Balls: 27
Incorrect Called Balls (Called balls within the strike zone): 2
Correct Ball %: 93.1%

Correct Called Strikes: 25
Incorrect Called Strikes (Called strikes outside the strike zone): 0 (2 were in the borderline range-->correct)
Correct Strike %: 100%

Correct % of Called Pitches: 96.3%

Pitch f/x courtesy Brooks Baseball


Jimmy said...

Ted has always been a very solid umpire. I'm glad he got to call a no hitter so we can all see what a good job he did. 96% is really good.

Penwhale said...

The ump took 2 pitches away from the pitcher. Santana definitely didn't get help from the ump at all.

Well done.

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