Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ejections: Alan Porter (2)

3B Umpire Alan Porter ejected Tigers Manager Jim Leyland for arguing an out call in the bottom of the 6th inning of the Indians-Tigers game. With none out and one on, Tigers batter Ramon Santiago bunted a 0-1 slider from Indians pitcher Joe Smith. The ball was retrieved by Indians catcher Lou Marson, who threw to third baseman Jack Hannahan in an attempt to retire Tigers baserunner R2 Wilson Betemit at third base. Replays indicate Betemit made contact with third base prior to the application of the tag, the call was incorrect.* The call was then inconclusive. The call is now correct. At the time of the ejection, the Tigers were leading, 8-7. The Tigers ultimately won the contest, 8-7.

This is Alan Porter (64)'s second ejection of 2011.
Alan Porter now has 10 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (5 Previous + 3 AAA + 2 Correct Call = 10)
Alan Porter was undrafted in 2011.
*Quality of Correctness was challenged and deferred, then overturned ("Incorrect" ==> "Inconclusive" ==> "Correct").

This is the 164th ejection of 2011.
This is the 78th Manager ejection of 2011.
This is Jim Leyland's fifth ejection of 2011, his second "QOC Incorrect" ejection.

Wrap: Indians at Tigers 8/21/11
Video: Leyland is ejected arguing an out call at third base


Anonymous said...

Great call!! All replays show Porter to be correct.

Anonymous said...

challenge. Wow, I missed that the call was ruled incorrect. This was a good call by Porter. This call WILL be overturned.

Anonymous said...

Challenge. That call is inconclusive at best.

OSheaman said...

First replay looks like he missed it but from the second angle shown in the video it looks like maybe the foot didn't make contact with the bag. Bang-bang play but you gotta trust Porter here who was in perfect position for the call.

Jon Terry said...

Must have been a hell of a game. Paul Schrieber on the plate issued warnings, and took a pitch off the hand, and made the game-ending call at the plate. Plus, notice Tim McClelland subbing in on this crew. Wish I had seen this instead of the Cards-Cubs snoozer. Stupid ESPN.

Porter looked pretty good here. He shut down Betemit, then shut down Gene Lamont with a hand motion, then took on Leyland. And boy was Leyland out of control! But Porter really kept his head there.

Jack_1B Ump said...

Tough call. Those tags on the other side of the base are one of the hardest calls to make.

Anonymous said...

The tag was a split second late. Really close call though. Let's take notice of Porter's positioning....perfect place to see. He is not blocked out, even though the tag is on the other side. Notice how he did not take this in fair territory. He moved down the line and a couple of steps into foul territory, so the play opened up for him. Slow the timing down and everything would have been perfect.

Anonymous said...

why were timmy mac and cowboy joe on the same crew? who was the cc?

Anonymous said...

Man I have been so impressed with Alan's demeanor on both his EJs this season. He looks like he belongs.

Anonymous said...

West must have been the CC---he came over to break it up from first instead of McClelland from second.

Bill said...

Does anyone know if Porter and Bellino were ever on the same crew in AAA? I only mention it because their demeanor, body language, even their EJ style are almost identical. (

With Bellino getting on job, and guys like Porter and Conroy and the cusp, I am very hopeful about the future.

Zac said...

This call was correct. There is a still shot on Umpire Empire that shows daylight between the foot and the base, with F5's glove touching the runner's leg. Great call by Porter. I like watching him work.

Jeremy Dircks said...

This ruling has been challenged.

After review, the Quality of Correctness has been deferred. The call is now inconclusive.

After review, including examination of the real-time play, replays, and alternate angles, the decision of deferring the original Quality of Correctness was made. From provided angles, it is ultimately unclear whether the runner contacted third base prior to being tagged, there is not enough video evidence to overturn this call, yet there is not enough evidence to confirm it, either. As a result, this appeal must be deferred under UEFL Rule 6.d.iii. Rule 7 considers deferred challenges, and as specified by rule, this inconclusive classification is subject to review and resolving and/or reversion at any time, up to the conclusion of the current phase of the season, as defined by Rule 8. As specified by Rule 8.a.iii., the current phase of the season concludes on August 31st.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm shocked at the ruling of inconclusive. I watched the posted video only once, and thought the out call was correct. I originally thought this was a great call, but now after a review I have a lot more respect for Porter. He got it right live, it makes me smile. Nice job kid!

Bugs said...

Late to the party on this one, but regardless of whether the call was correct or not, Alan Porter put on a clinic on how an umpire is supposed to act.

Very impressed by the ejections that did *not* occur, namely Betemit and Lamont. Many in the league today would have tossed them both. Porter didn't. He actually acknowledged what Betemit had to say, then started to walk away.

Here comes Leland all animated. Even though it was a quick toss, Porter didn't yell back, smirk or bow up. Even though he tossed Leland, it looked like Porter was still listening to what he had to say up until the end.

I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed, but Leland actually stopped yelling a couple of times and appeared to be listening to what Porter said.

The entire argument lasted less than 40 secs. No doubt due to the way Porter handled himself. This guy has obviously had some good training. Outstanding job in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Bugs, c'mon the kid got the call right, say it!

Jeremy Dircks said...

After further and exhaustive review, the Quality of Correctness has been overturned. The call is now correct.

After review, including examination of the real-time play, replays, and alternate angles, the decision of overturning the original Quality of Correctness was made. Specifically, consulting a still shot of the live broadcast. The still shot, coupled with the live video broadcast, showed that R2 Betemit's right foot came up short to third base on his original slide. Betemit was able to touch third base with his right foot, but only after having the tag applied to him. The still shot shows, with the glove touching Betemit, (albeit a tiny amount) space between foot and base.


Anonymous said...

Most people won't see this overturn, but it's an excellent job of reviewing, but more importantly it shows you guys really care about this site.
Hats off!
And, I posted this on another post, but would like to say it again, I love to come here, and
I hope you guys get filthy rich doing this!! Thanks again.

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