Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roster: 2011 World Series Umpires

MLB has announced the 2011 World Series Umpires. The World Series is the third and final round of the 2011 MLB Playoffs. Percentages from our World Series poll are listed alongside umpire points.

Jerry Layne^ -cc (8 pts, 34%)
Greg Gibson* (6 pts, 51%)
Alfonso Marquez^ (20 pts, 41%)
Ron Kulpa* (12 pts, 31%)
Ted Barrett^ (12 pts, 50%)
Gary Cederstrom^ (4 pts, 42%)

-cc denotes Crew Chief, * denotes first World Series assignment. ^ denotes second World Series assignment. Note that no umpires have previously been assigned to more than one World Series. Per UEFL Rule 4.c.iii, all umpires selected to appear in the World Series shall receive three bonus points for this appearance; crew chiefs shall receive one additional bonus point for this role (four points total).

Video: St. Louis hometown umpire Kulpa in World Series, Interview

The UEFL Standings have been updated:

1. kickersrule (West/Wendelstedt) - 38
2. sachmet (West/Bellino) - 33
3. tt49 (Wendelstedt/Guccione) - 32
3. mtn335 (West/Hudson) - 32
5. yawetag (Hernandez/Joyce) - 30
6. cyclone14 (Wegner/Johnson) - 28
6. BONZ_kansascity (West/Hernandez) - 28
8. RichMSN (West/Emmel) - 26
9. BSBALLUMP (Rapuano/Drake) - 25
9. DanNJ316 (West/Kulpa) - 25

The results of our World Series umpire poll are listed below.

From the Eligible List, Choose Your World Series Umpires (Select 6).


Anonymous said...

that video made me sick

Anonymous said...

Video refuses to load for me on Firefox.

Anonymous said...

The video is basically an interview Kulpa did with a local St. Louis television station, he receives congratulations for his assignment, the interviewer discusses the issue of Kulpa's being from St. Louis as Kulpa reassures her that his city of origin does not factor into MLB's assignment process, as assignments are made during the Division Series, Kulpa reveals he received the call from MLB directly at the conclusion of his D'Backs-Brewers NLDS, speaks a little about the city of St. Louis, his high school, etc., and discusses the difficulties umpires face when trying to get from umpire school to the major league level.

Scott said...

How on earth is it "human nature" to root for your hometown team - that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. This woman does not understand the integrity with which these men umpire, and the simple fact that, in the heat of the moment, it's nearly impossible to call a play a specific way - it goes against what they have been trained to do, and have done, for 20-30 years - to call it as they see it.

Anonymous said...

Scott, non-officials just don't get it. They never will. People don't understand how I can't root openly for my college team or my HS team -- it's because I work those levels and someone, anyone would notice and file it away.

There are times I feel that I have lost some of the joy of just being a fan, but I get so much more out of being an official.

Anonymous said...

Barrett & Marquez - very happy for them! They both have "mad skillz"!!!!

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