Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soccer Ejections: Bas Nijhuis

Continuing the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League "Other Sports" coverage, we turn to Wednesday's Dutch Cup (soccer).

For a more in depth explanation of this play and call, click here.

Referee Bas Nijhuis sent off (ejected) AZ Alkamaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado for violent conduct in the 35th minute of the AZ Alkmaar-Ajax Dutch Cup match. A spectator had invaded the pitch and was running straight for Alvarado. Alvarado defended himself with a kick that knocked the 19-year-old field intruder to the ground. After the initial strike, however, Alvarado continued to kick the intruder until security stewards shooed him away. Per FIFA Law 12, Alvarado was ejected for violent conduct. Even though the violent conduct was brought on because of a spectator's intrusion (called "outside agents" in FIFA's Laws of the Game), Alvarado used "excessive force or brutality against" another person, an automatic send-off offense, even if the other person happens to be an outside agent.

This call is correct per 2011's UEFL Rule 6.b.ii.e., which governs ejections for Fighting; this call would be irrecusable (neither correct nor incorrect) per 2012's UEFL Rule 6-2-b-5. At the time of the ejection, Ajax was leading, 1-0. The match was abandoned as a result of AZ coach Gert Jan Verbeek protesting the red card and safety circumstances. KNVB recently rescinded the red card, but has not yet decided whether to replay, resume or forfeit the contest.

Wrap: (Match information unavailable because match was abandoned)
Video: Hooligan attacks goalie, keeper is sent off for violent conduct, match is abandoned
News: Ajax vs. AZ: Referee Correct to Red Card Goalkeeper for Kicking Fan Who Attacked


Bill said...

Apparently Yorvit Torrealba of the Rangers had a melt down in a Venezuela Winter League game, punch/slapping the home plate umpire:

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Bill, had a game earlier this evening. I'll get right on this one.

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