Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Source: 2012 MLB Umpire Crews

The 2012 MLB Umpire Crews are now available and accessible via the UEFL Portal, thanks to a source.

Not yet officially released, this unofficial news break will provide UEFL members the opportunity to complete the draft process with their Crew Chief selections based on the 2012 start-of-season crews. As such, the UEFL Crew Draft deadline has been solidified as 10:05 AM Pacific Time, April 7.

The following is the umpiring crew list for the 2012 MLB regular season:
CrewCrew ChiefUmpire 2Umpire 3Umpire 4
Crew A12 Gerry Davis10 Phil Cuzzi1 Bruce Dreckman*53 Greg Gibson
Crew B32 Dana DeMuth44 Kerwin Danley88 Doug Eddings39 Paul Nauert
Crew C36 Tim McClelland65 Ted Barrett18 Brian Runge51 Marvin Hudson
Crew D66 Jim Joyce**77 Jim Reynolds16 Mike DiMuro92 James Hoye
Crew E3 Tim Welke63 Laz Diaz57 Mike Everitt43 Paul Schrieber
Crew F5 Dale Scott14 Bill Miller58 Dan Iassogna54 C. B. Bucknor
Crew G22 Joe West49 Sam Holbrook30 Andy Fletcher34 Rob Drake
Crew H37 Gary Darling41 Jerry Meals50 Paul Emmel87 Scott Barry
Crew I4 Tim Tschida52 Jeff Nelson45 Bill Welke68 Chris Guccione
Crew J13 Derryl Cousins46 Ron Kulpa28 Jim WolfAAA Fill-in
Crew K38 Gary Cederstrom25 Fieldin Culbreth80 Lance Barksdale23 Adrian Johnson
Crew L24 Jerry Layne61 Bob Davidson21 Hunter Wendlestedt2 Dan Bellino
Crew M9 Brian Gorman27 Larry Vanover11 Tony Randazzo97 Todd Tichenor
Crew N8 Jeff Kellogg56 Eric Cooper60 Marty Foster95 Tim Timmons
Crew O20 Tom Hallion72 Brian O'Nora7 Alfonso Márquez75 Chad Fairchild
Crew P33 Mike Winters47 Wally Bell35 Mark Wegner91 Brian Knight
Crew Q19 Ed Rapuano55 Angel Hernandez6 Mark Carlson15 Ed Hickox
*Medical leave until May / ** Interim Crew Chief status while John Hirschbeck is on the Disabled List.

Nonetheless and from top to bottom, the annual changes to the MLB Umpire Crew list generate excitement as the season begins. Among the most notable features of the 2012 MLB Umpire Crew list are:

    » The separation of Joe West (22; Crew Chief) and Angel Hernandez (55; Crew Chief: Ed Rapuano [19])
    » The absence of John Hirschbeck (MLB 17; DL) and Bruce Dreckman (MLB 1; Medical)
            » Vic Carapazza is expected to replace Dreckman until his return no sooner than May
    » MLB number changes: Dan Bellino (93-to-2), Mark Carlson (48-to-6), Bob Davidson (6-to-61)
            » AAA number change: David Rackley (76-to-86)
    » The promotion of Jim Joyce (66) to Interim Crew Chief necessitated by Hirschbeck's movement to the DL
            » Joyce's Crew: Mike DiMuro (16), Jim Reynolds (77), James Hoye (92)
    » The dissolution of the Opening Series umpires sent to Tokyo, Japan
            » Crew Chief Tom Hallion (20), Jeff Nelson (45), Marvin Hudson (51), Dan Bellino (2)

For more information and to access the 2012 MLB Umpire Crews, visit the Umpire Roster / Stats page on the UEFL Portal.


Anonymous said...

it would seem likely that Jeff Kellogg's crew would be Eric Cooper, Marty Foster, and Tim Timmons

Jon Terry said...

Tyler Funneman is retired? He just made the fair call on that ball that Jerry Hairston tried to blow foul. That was only a couple of weeks ago.

Jeremy Dircks said...

2012 crews are as follows:

Cederstrom, Culbreth, Barksdale, Johnson

Cousins, Kulpa, Wolf, [AAA Fill-In] (AAA / Hirschbeck: DL)

Darling, Meals, Emmel, Barry

Davis, Cooper, Cuzzi, Dreckman (medical leave)

DeMuth, Danley, Eddings, Nauert

Gorman, Vanover, Randazzo, Tichenor

Hallion, O'Nora, Marquez, Fairchild

Joyce, Reynolds, DiMuro, Hoye (Joyce -CC / Hirschbeck: DL)

Kellogg, Cooper, Foster, Timmons

Layne, Davidson, Wendelstedt, Bellino

McClelland, Barrett, Runge, Hudson

Rapuano, Hernandez, Diaz, Hickox

Scott, Miller, Bucknor, Iassogna

Tschida, Nelson, Welke (B ), Guccione

Welke (T), Everitt, Schrieber, Carlson

West, Holbrook, Fletcher, Drake

Winters, Bell, Wegner, Knight

Anonymous said...

These crews seem very even across the board.

Timmy Tschida looks to have the best crew by names.

I am a Bellino fan, and I feel bad for him this year...Hunter & Bob? But I guess I should feel worse for Jerry Layne...

tmac said...

Greg Gibson is actually on Davis' crew Eric Cooper is just filling in while Greg is on vacation! Eric is not able to be cloned and work on two crews!!

tmac said...

@ jon terry... Funnaman is not retired is was just fluky that he worked a game last year not being on the call up list.... He is most definitely still in AAA

Anonymous said...

My dream crew: West, Davidson, Hernandez, and Drake with either Reyburn or Estabrook as AAA fill-in.

JRD said...

JRD selects Gary Darling Crew

Tiznownes said...

Three Ballin'

#24 Jerry Layne (Crew Chief)

BigCatch22 said...

I don't think they are even across the board. I think Jerry Layne is going to be taking stock out in Advil.

West will be right there with him as well but he is inflicting his own pain.

Anonymous said...

As long as you are 100% sure that these are going to be the crews for 2012 I would like Dana Demuth as my crew chief.


Anonymous said...

I think the best crews are Hallion, Cousins and Tschida while Layne, West and Winters concern me a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I read that Hirschbeck is receiving treatment for a recurrence of cancer. Hope he beats it and makes it back.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Tim Welke should have had the first ejection of the year. I don't know about the pitcher, but Choo could have been heaved for making a move toward the mound:

SPballsandstrikes said...

I think Mike Winters has a great crew. Wally Bell is solid. I like Wegner and Knight,they are both solid.

The Joe West crew and the Gary Darling crew are a little bit of a little scary.

Watch out for Jerry Layne's crew. Dan Bellino can learn a lot on how to break up Manager/Umpire confrontations on this crew..

Would Paul Schrieber be ahead of Mike Everett because he's got more seniority? It is a bit scary to think Schrieber would be acting CC but seniority wise it could be that way? Everitt has experience so my guess is no..

Anonymous said...

Hickox seems a little old to be the number 4 man on a crew.

Anonymous said...

poor Ed Hickox lost all that seniority when he lost his job in 99...He has been umpiring in the big leagues since 1990, but was not full-time until 1998, I believe.

tmac said...

@ anon: The T Welke crew is very interesting as Everitt, Carlson, and Schriber have almost identical seniority... I'm hearing Carlson may be moved from that crew as many of you know there will be two AAA call ups full-time but this may be Carlson may be here just for the opening series.

tmac said...

@ anon: The T welke video is great... but in this day and age this vet crew did a great job keeping everyone in the game.... It should be noted that warnings had been issued at this point but was there intent to throw at the batter in the 14th inning. I would hope not. MLB doesn't want any ejections in this situation they want it handled exactly the way it was... I'm sure some people would disagree but you have to do things the way your bosses want!!

Dan said...

Phil Cuzzi giving new meaning to the "neighborhood play" at second base in the Mets/Braves game today:

tmac said...

@ Dan... If it wasn't opening day (and when's the last EJ on opening day) there might have been one there!! Maybe Cuz took the under!! Poor Cuz.... He's just overmatched day in and day out... best guy in the bigs.... but sadly the poorest judgement

Dan said...

Yeah, I was surprised that Terry Collins didn't come out and argue that one. I'm sure Cuzzi is a nice guy, but man, he just seems to be on the wrong side of a lot of calls year after year.

Anonymous said...

Anon from 7:08 and 7:36. Thanks for the explanations about Hickox and the Welke non-ejection. I still have to wonder though what would have happened if nobody restrained Choo. He might have gone all the way out, making for one of the lamest mound "chargings" of all time.

Gaylon Kent said...

I went to umpire school with Adrian Johnson, Tyler Funneman and Vic Carapazza...

ump_24 said...

RE: the Welke incident

I watched the game from start to finish. Romero was battling his command early; several pitches flew well up and away to right handers and (obviously) up and in on lefties. He ended up getting Choo between the numbers in the 3rd.

Masterson replied with two waaaaay inside on Kelly Johnson to start the 4th. Welke issued the warnings after the 2nd inside pitch.

All game, pitchers were occasionally having a ball slip out of their hands due to the cold Cleveland weather.

Hitting Choo would've meant putting the winning run on base in the 15th inning. Not to mention that there was only one pitcher left in the Jays' bullpen at this point. Manny Acta did not even talk to Tim Welke during this situation and you see how brief the umpire conference is.

Definitely not intentional on the part of Perez.

As for Choo, that's just the emotion of getting buzzed by 90+mph. At the MLB level, no need to even consider an ejection.

I didn't like Welke's strike zone but his handling of the game was spot-on.

KTurner14 said...

KTurner14 would like to have Tim McClelland as my crew chief. Sorry I'm almost too late!

tmac said...

Just a point of note.... Carlson and Diaz Switched crews for opening weekend... expect them to switch back after the series!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Joyce is a crew chief? Awesome.

TX Wrangler said...

TX Wrangler would like Jerry Layne as crew chief. Thanks!

Lindsay said...

Funneman is not retired and indeed worked several games this spring training, as was pointed out. The formula used to determine umpire status must have erroneously marked him as retired because he either did not work over a certain threshold of regular season games or had not worked for a significant amount of time last season. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Hickox didn't actually lose any senority when hired back. He just never had a chance to accrue any. He was a F/T guy for 1 year when the resignation mess happened. He has been working big league games since early 90's but because he was an AL guy (before the AL/NL merge of umpires) it took him 10 years to get hired FT. Based on actual MLB games worked, he actually ranks as a strong #2 on a crew, but seniority based on years as a FT MLB umpire put him lower.

Anonymous said...

Ump_24 will take the layne crew for the season.

BigCatch22 said...

Give BigCatch22 Joe West's crew.

Anonymous said...

tt49 will select Layne crew

Anonymous said...

I wish most all of the MLB umpires would wear the standard umpire face mask, I'm not a fan of the hockey mask style, it just doesn't look right on a home plate umpire, and I'd prefer seeing home plate umpires in Major League Baseball to wear old school masks with all black mask padding, don't care much for the tan deerskin padding.

Anonymous said...

Holbrook is on Darling's crew. Where's Barry?

Stephanie Cheehy said...

Dan Bellino is my favorite umpire!

Anonymous said...

Who did Tichenor replace?

Lindsay said...

Todd Tichenor replaced Bill Hohn, who retired after serving one year on the Disabled List.

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