Thursday, April 19, 2012

UEFL 2012: Strike Three Call - Ear Training Challenge

An umpire is most human on strike three calls: mechanics vary widely across baseball when that two-strike pitch catches the zone with nary a wave from the batter.

In preparing our yet-to-debut Umpires' Guide, which will feature strike three mechanics as part of the experience presently found on the UEFL Portal's Umpire Roster page, we couldn't help but notice the great variety of sounds emanating from behind home plate on those strike three calls: from the booming to the guttural, the nonchalant drawl to the vigorous bawl, strike three is certainly unique.

So in anticipation of the Umpires' Guide project, we present the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League Strike Three Call / Ear Training Challenge. To begin, reference the following video.

The Ear Training Challenge tests your ability to identify an umpire by his vocal strike three called mechanic. Listen carefully to the following ten items, writing down the umpire's name you believe has produced each numbered vocalized strike three call. The first nine items are worth one point each while item number 10 is worth two points.

When you are finished, you may either e-mail or post a reply here. All posts will remain in moderation (screened) for the duration of the challenge.

The UEFL Strike Three Call / Ear Training Challenge runs through Sunday, April 29, 2012. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

I peed myself laughing with #6

Anonymous said...

This is for the strikeout challenge

1) Jim Joyce
6) Tom Hallion
9) Gary Cederstrom
10) Adrian Johnson

Mostly guesses...When I watch a game I almost never can hear any strike calls.

TX Wrangler said...

1. Joyce
2. McClelland
3. West
4. Cooper
5. Foster
6. Hallion
7. Culbreth
8. Nelson
9. Bucknor
10. Gibson

AndyC (NS) said...

1) Jim Joyce, 6) Tom Hallion
(the rest I have no idea)

NKCAUmp said...

#1 - Jim Joyce
#2 - Dale Scott
#3 - Tim Tschida
#4 - Phil Cuzzi
#5 - Jerry Meals
#6 - Brian O'Nora
#7 - Dan Iasogna
#8 - Bill Welke
#9 - Wally Bell
#10 - Jerry Layne

Anonymous said...

Nice of Stephen Hawking to lend a hand as narrator

Anonymous said...

I also am gonna guess that #2 is Larry Vanover

BONZ_kansascity said...

BONZ_kansascity entry--

1. Jim Joyce
2. Ed Rapuano
3. Jerry Meals
4. Mike Everitt
5. Bruce Dreckman
6. Tom Hallion
7. Fieldin Culbreth
8. Tony Randazzo
9. Tim Timmons
10. Derryl Cousins

KTurner14 said...

1. Jim Joyce
2. Greg Gibson
3. Dale Scott
4. Ron Kulpa
5. Jerry Layne
6. Larry Vanover
7. Fieldin Culbreth
8. Tim Tschida
9. Tim Timmons
10. Brian Runge

Turducken said...

1 - Jim Joyce
6 - Tom Hallion

Rich Fronheiser said...

1 - Joyce
6 - Hallion

The rest: I have no clue without going back through old footage, which I don't have time to do.

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